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Sennheiser HD598 Amp Suggestion?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jakob789521, Mar 19, 2014.
  1. Jakob789521
    Hey guys just a quick question, I have some Sennheiser HD598's plugged into a Xonar U7, and either the Xonar is faulty or the headphone amp is crap because I can comfortably listen to music and play piano at 100% at full gain :/ I think my on board sound is just as load actually. 
    I wish to make them louder as they are too quiet for playing piano, so am either looking for a headphone amp that can drive these in this way:
    PC>Xonar U7>Headphone Amp>HD598's  Without changing quality of the U7
    PC>Louder Amp/Dac>HD598's
    So I am in need of help, because I can't really tell if these headphones are any good at the moment, maybe the xonar is faulty?
    Thanks for reading guys.
  2. hodgjy
    Consider the Schiit Magni/Modi stack. 
  3. Jakob789521
    Wow that was fast! and that stack is huge! How much are they?
    And also as I am on my laptop is there a more portable option?
  4. Jakob789521
    I was thinking:
    Laptop>Xonar U7>Fiio E12>HD598's
    The Fiio doesn't have a dac does it? I dont want it to change the signal of the Xonar.
  5. hunolina
    I've got my self one Matrix Dac mini and fully happy with him when plug in the HD598 :wink:
  6. hunolina
    ah ok, Fiio E12 is not bad for bringing around, but i did not try it out with the hd598 so can't tell you more. but i guess it can be ok, because I did try the fiio E12 with one Sennheiser HD555 and it was not bad at all :)
  7. Jakob789521
    Thanks for the advice :) But as I don't need a portable amp, I am pretty keen on getting a Objective 2 amp so it will be:
    Laptop < USB < Xonar U7 < 3.5mm Jack Line in to < Objective 2 < 3.5mm to HD598's 
    This way I can make use of my awesome U7 and amplify with minimal distortion :) 
    Thanks for the help Hunolina
  8. FastAndClean
  9. Boochie
    I just ordered the Schiit Magni. It should be here on Friday but at the moment, I am running my HD598s off a ASUS Xonar DG internal sound card and they sound fantastic.  With the volume set at 30-40 percent, they are VERY loud.  Should you decide to stay with a sound card, have a looks at the Xonar DG.  Only about $25-$30 on Amazon. Exceptionally value.
    Looking forward to getting the Magni to see if it is as good as advertised...............
  10. Jakob789521
    Im afraid I have a laptop so need an external one. WHOA AT 40% I CAN BARELY HEAR MINE!. What's the amp like compared to the U7? I have to put it at 100% at high gain on my HD598's :frowning2: 
    I bought a Objective 2 of a great guy in the UK who builds them at awesome quality, so that's my amp sorted anyway :)
  11. e22big
    should have show us some of your piano work :)
  12. Jakob789521
    Hey maybe I will when I get my setup sorted :) haha Im not that good though.
    I use galaxy painos 
    I have them all and sound excellent :) Can't believe how much better they are than having an upright in your home. 

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