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Sennheiser HD 558 or Grado SR80i ?

  1. jpalenzuela
    I want to upgrade my Senn 280 pros to one of these, but which one should I choose? I mostly hear Rock, Indie Rock, Slow Rock and the source is a macbook pro and a Galaxy S3. I am also considering an portable amp such as the HifiMan EF2A
  2. KG Jag
    They are both good at what they do.  The Senn does more things well, but costs more.  In the end your selection is likely to depend on your budget and what sound signature you prefer.
    I assume that you know that both of these cans are open--and as such leak sound and don't isolate well.
  3. jpalenzuela

    Yes, I prefer open headphones. They are for listening at home, I wont carry them out.
  4. cel4145
    I love Grados for rock. It's hard to beat the transient response of their drivers at this price; really brings out guitar for me. But others prefer the Senns. It's sort of an apples vs. oranges taste preference. If your credit card can afford it, I would recommend trying both and returning the set you don't like. B&H Photo, Amazon or Fulfilled by Amazon (not 3rd party vendors who do their own shipping), and Crutchfield are places that have easy RMA process. Just keep the headphones mint.
  5. jpalenzuela
    Perfect then, im going for the sr80i´s :) 
    Another question,
    Should I buy an amp+DAC (a HifiMan EF2A) for this headphones? I will mostly be hearing music on a galaxy s3 and a macbook.
  6. cel4145
    Get the Grados first and see. Grados are fairly easy to drive, so the primary reason to get a headphone amp would be that you want more volume out of them. That being said, a good DAC might improve the SQ over what comes from your macbook.
  7. KG Jag


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