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Sennheiser HD 215 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Aug 3, 2012.
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  1. Apogee777
    i like this review :p
    (from main senn site)
  2. koolas
    Though, if I was a DJ I'd probably use M50 or HDJ-something... any DJs here? What is your oppinion on that matter?
  3. igytech
    Got HD 215 II headphones and asked Sennheiser about differents between HD 215 II and HD 215 and different is in the box. Headphones are same.
    These are my first quality headphones and hope that didn't make mistacke. I enjoy in music.
  4. Ruben123
    I have heard big differences between hd205 I and II. measurements do show that too. The original 205 has much more neutral bass while the 2 has emphasised bass. Probably the same for the 215
  5. igytech
    What to say, this information got from Sennheiser. Maybe have some differences in the production from time to time...
  6. astenlet

    Hi guys i have the old 215 bought it on 2008.
    I just found my 215 after 5 years of not listening to it. I was pretty suprise when i hear it again with my pcm d100. This thing will require another burn in again and i use new aftermarket pads and cables. This headphone really need some amp to listen to properly. I must use upto volume 5 or 6 on my pcm d100 while other my new headphone is loud enough at 3. For sound wise i am still reburn in.
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