Sennheiser CX 150 vs Sony Auricular MDREX-10LP vs Philips SHE3590
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Nov 20, 2012
Hey guys could you help me get a nice cheap pair of earplugs. I have been reading a lot of mixed reviews on these models and im not sure what to buy now. I was going for the sennheiser but i saw somewhere that it makes a bit of noise when the cords touch your clothes. So im leaning towards phillips now. Could you guys enlighten me on the subject. thx
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comon guys... im going on a 4 hour long trip tomorrow to my hometown and need to buy a new pair or else im stuck with nothing to do for 4 hours. just your opinion would be good
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Get to SHE3590 -- excellent balance, bass, treble, details -- all very good.
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Get to SHE3590 -- excellent balance, bass, treble, details -- all very good.

What this person said. Having not done a direct comparison with my JVC FX40 which I like quite a BIT, i can say that i also like the sound coming from the SHE3590 which Ive used for about 4 days (a couple hours per day, burn in about 30 hours).  They have good clean sound, worth the 10 or so dollars. i found them at marshalls for 6.99 plus tax....i remember the shape of the buds so bought it, got home and checked the shape was similar to the she3580, which according to some people that have both....they sound the same. Not disappointed in their sound quality at all, the first moment i plugged them in (without burn in), they sounded good out of the box.
for about 8 dollars more on amazon, the fx40 does have sturdier build and thicker higher quality cord.  A quick score: FX40 = 7.5/10, SHE3950 = 6.5/10.  For reference, i give my Creative Aurvana lives a 8.25/10.

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