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    My first in ear head phone upgrade
  3. MGHMay

    Pair of cheap IEMs before getting Momentums?

    Ok, so, i'm currently saving up for the Momentums which I tried in Richer Sounds and was blown away by. I'm just looking for a pair of cheap IEMs to get in the mean time, like up to 40 pounds (65 dollars, 48 euros, 16 Doubloons) to pair with my SanDisk clip+ (which is purple) any ideas? I...
  4. shch13

    Want more Bass with your Ultimate Ears? Try this!

    I've been using the UE400's the most expensive dynamic driver IEM from UE for the past 5 months. I like its clarity and detailed sound, sparkling treble, and a wonderfully spacious sound-stage. Only thing I don't like about it is the Bass, the bass is noticeable but it seems to just miss the...
  5. Brigas

    Sennheiser CX 150 vs Sony Auricular MDREX-10LP vs Philips SHE3590

    Hey guys could you help me get a nice cheap pair of earplugs. I have been reading a lot of mixed reviews on these models and im not sure what to buy now. I was going for the sennheiser but i saw somewhere that it makes a bit of noise when the cords touch your clothes. So im leaning towards...
  6. willyk

    Sennheiser CX150/CX200 Differences?

    A while back, I got great advice here that led me to buying Shure SE215's. Love them! But, I don't want to wear them when trail running, gym, doing yard work, etc. For me, they are for more focused listening sessions.  Once I get them on, I don't want to take them off!   So when my cheapo...
  7. bhima

    My wallet is tired of return fees. Please help advise me on an IEM under $100

    Hey everyone,   First, if this post doesn't belong in this portion of the forum, please let me know and move it to where it belongs and, my apologies in advance. Second, thanks to anyone who reads this and double thanks to anyone who actually responds.   So I'm looking for an IEM under...
  8. kjk1281

    REVIEW: Sennheiser CX280 - CX Series Redefined

    INTRODUCTION Greetings Head-Fi!  The following is a review of the Sennheiser CX280, one of the German company's newest entries in their Street Line of earbuds and canalphones.  The following is my attempt at dissecting Sennheiser's latest entry-level canalphone.   As always, the sound of a...
  9. Blondie2012

    Looking for IEM for 50$ or under

    Hello all, I had Head-Direct RE0's for over a year and now for the third time I got loose connections and I hear music only in one ear. Unfortunately my warranty is over and since I keep getting loose connections on every pair of headphones I ever posses I will lower my budget this time.  ...
  10. ssrock64

    A Socially Unacceptable Audiophile Addiction

    What product is so socially unacceptable that its makers hide it in cigarette boxes? Why, CMoy headphone amplifiers, headphones, and related audio equipment, of course. These ADDICTED audiophiles spend more on audio equipment each week than a methhead will spend in a month on drugs. The main fix...
  11. kanuka

    earbud upgrade: yuin sunrise or crossroads ?

    hello again head-fi   looking for an upgrade for my earbuds at a good price   i own the akg k312 and the sennheiser mx471 both of them are REALLY great  so i was wondering if any of the Yuin PK series , Sunrise As- or Crossroads would be really good and worthy upgrade for those  ...
  12. lumm

    Need advice before buying new pair of headphones

      Hi to all,   I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for this advice. Since I will be going to London this February I will be able to find good headphones very easy. I know few shops since I was there before.   I listen rock, metal, symphonic metal, power metal and play a...
  13. revrob

    Deal Alert: Sennheiser CX150 for $20

    Just got back from F.Y.E. and they have the Senn CX150 for $20.00. There were about 8 of them in the store I just got back from. Thought I pass it along. Hopefully this is the right forum to post it in.   Merry Christmas, Steve
  14. digitaldave

    Sennheiser CX150 / CX270 / CX280 - opinions sought

    I'm thinking about getting another pair of canal phones to supplement my Westone UM2s, and I've narrowed it down to the Sennheiser CX150, CX270 or CX280. Having read a little about them, I still have a couple of questions that I hope someone might be able to answer. For reference, other canal...
  15. TheFragileOne

    Look for great IEM's for under ~$50

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for good IEM's for ~$50. I may or may not buy new IEM's because I might get a free pair of Apple Earpods (hoping they're better than the Skullcandy's) but, I was thinking about buying a pair of Steelseries Siberia V2's since I want a new headset. So I'm not...
  16. Sennheiser CX150 Ear-Canal Phones

    Sennheiser CX150 Ear-Canal Phones

    - Finger-contoured design of ear-canal phones allows for easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort - Bass-driven stereo sound with good attenuation of ambient noise Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz Cable Length: 1.2 meters Impedance: 16 ohms Sound Pressure Level: 110db