Sennheiser Amperior Impressions Thread
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My all time favourite on-ear headphones. Specifically the Amperiors, the detachable cord with microphone was a revelation when they first released.
It seems like Sennheiser discontinued the original pads for these, and the HD25 pads are not as comfortable.
What your favourite pads for these and how do they compare to the originals? looking for some inspiration.
I would be interested in knowing also. I was listening to mine last night and was wondering what other pads were available for these? I was looking at these, anyone have them? Yaxi Type B earpads
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Oct 30, 2021 at 6:42 PM Post #1,054 of 1,054
I’ve had these for a couple of weeks now and am very happy. I had been using the standard HD25 pleather pads for sometime. By comparison I find these:
  • Comfier - there is more padding than the standard pleather pads and these can be worn over sunnies with no issues
  • Cooler - they breathe better than the pleather pads however I’ve not worn these out and about on a warmer day so let’s see
  • Isolation - on par and still very good at blocking the outside world
  • Sound quality - on par, although given I use these on the go I’m not exactly critically listening.
Unfortunately my stock Amperior
velour pads are long dead so I can’t compare.

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