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Senn HD598 VS BD Dt990 pro 250ohm ..

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tigerdx619, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. tigerdx619
     first of all i am not an audiophile , but i found myself not enjoying any headphone much and that i want something more , i think a better soundstage would impress me .
    so i decided to buy the creative Zx as my new sound card since a lot people said that there's no big difference between it and the higher ones (ZxR , Essence)

    for the headphone i came down to two choices that have awesome sale price now and both satisfy my needs ( as i think )
    Senn HD598 187$
    BD DT990pro 250 145$

    so which one do you recommend , i will try to describe my sound listening profile
    soundstage : most important thing but if it is artifial i would hate )
    Bass          : tight, precise not overhelming ( i am not a BASShead but i don't like flat sound signature )
    Treble         : Not to sparkly
    some stuff  i listen to 

    NIghtwish , Pinkfloyd , Bon Jovi , Yanni 

    i would like to hear your recommendations , and if cours if anyone tried one of these please tell me your experience
    if anyone tried both it would be great to describe the difference 

    Thanks in advance


  2. Koolpep
    Sennheiser HD598 - rocks with this kind of music! You won't be disappointed.
  3. tigerdx619
    did you try the DT990 before , i read that it is a higher class one and it is cheaper also .
    i only heard the HD598 and was amazed , but if the DT990 gives the same sound or better , i would go for them for sure .
  4. Koolpep
    Well there you have your answer, you liked them, that's all there is to it :wink:
    I did hear the DT990 briefly and didt like them much. I owned the T50p (sold) and still have the DT880. I wouldn't recommend the DT990 over the HD598. The HD598 is much better in my opinion.
  5. derbigpr

    I don't think you can claim something like "The HD598 is much better in my opinion" if you've heard the DT990 briefly. DT990's are in a diffferent league. The HD598's and DT990's are not directly comparable at all, because the DT990 is on the level of HD600/650's. It's technically superior to HD598 in every way. It has a higher resolution of sound, more detail (more even than K701), better extension, better separation, better dynamics....pretty much, it's a superior headphone in every way. In a direct A-B comparison it would take even a non-audiophile person exactly 4 seconds to tell that DT990's are the superior headphones. They just sound. look and feel like a headphone that is considerably more expensive. HD598's are good, but they're not on the DT990 level. Some might prefer the HD598's sound signature, but DT990, especially the PRO version, is very neutral, possibly more neutral than HD598. It's the headphone in BD range that comes closest to sounding as good as the T1's imho, with T90's being way too bright and DT880's have a too closed in sound and somewhat compressed / boring sound.

    That said, DT990's are more sensitive about the source and amplification. Both need a headphone amp to sound good, but DT990s are definitely harder to drive. However, seeing they're actually cheaper than 598's, I think you'd have to be mad to buy the 598's. Unless you hate the sound signature of the DT990PRO's, it makes no sense to buy the 598's. Not just because they're not even near to being on the same level sonically, but DT990's are also considerably better built, more durable and comfortable. Their sound signature in the PRO version is different than with the Premium models, they're not as bass heavy or bright. They actually have a very flat sound that's still exciting, but it has that great natural feel about it. Great texture, great tonality, etc....what you'd expect from a studio headphone. It has some of the most realistic reproduction of acoustic instruments and vocals that I've heard from a headphone, and that I say with owning pretty much every German sub-500 dollar headphone and owning the T1's at the moment. Sometimes they surpass even the T1's with their "I'm there with the musicians" feeling.

    Oh...forgot, about music genres. Even though I know without a doubt from my own experience that DT990's beat the HD598's even with genres in which HD598's should be superior (jazz, classical, vocal, etc.), with rock, metal and stuff like that, they just outclass them. HD598's can't even hope to match the speed, dynamics and just sheer impact and great sound separation of the DT990's, which is important in fast music so it doesn't end up sounding like a muddy mess.
  6. tigerdx619
    i really really like your review , yes i thought i would be mad if didn't buy a superior 300$ headphone for half price , but i am not that experienced and puzzled , so her is a comment someone gave about the same thread started in another section , unless he is not talking about the premium version i would be puzzled and need someone to explain some stuff to me , here is the comment :
    DT990 is a great headphone, but not suitable for your tastes. This are definitely bright, sparkly and high resolution headphones that sound great with the best audiophile recoordings (Mostly classical, acoustic and jazz) but tend to sound thin and sibilant with most modern (over-bright/compressed) music. Any flaw in the recording will be highlighted, and you'll find yourself hating your new headphones or your favourite recordings.
    HD598 on the other side are pretty forgiving headphones and smooth in comparison, the treble on these match your requeriments pretty well. The only problem with these headphones is that they have pretty neutral bass. They seem to be a very good pick, and your hearing would simply get used to their bass quantity after some hours of listening (probably around 20), but if you are really looking for punchy bass, then this aren't probably your cup of tea.
    In that case you should consider Yamaha HPH-200, this are very good for rock, Nightwish sound amazing trough this headphones (Warm but explosive and detailed). Soundstage is also pretty good, I wouldn't call it smaller, because it can be quite big and airy with some tracks but it's more in your face sometimes, it also has to do with the lively sound signature. Treble is a bit sparkly, but not unforgiving and sibilant like DT990's treble. It is also important to mention that you gain portability but loose a bit of confort in comparison. I like my HPH-200 very much for the artists you've listed.
    Best Luck!""
  7. Koolpep

    Thank you for your thoughts. And you are absolutely right, for you! Sound and hearing is very subjective and personal. For me though, the DT990 I auditioned was less engaging, less mellow and less smooth, just less fun to listen to. I went with the more expensive DT880 at that time, because I liked them more. However I nstill prefer the HD598 over both beyerdynamics, while vocals with the HD598 were just perfect. I am not claiming that they are technically better, or better in the measurements. I simply like to listen to them much more. With my gear, various Schiit amps and DACs, nuforce icon HDPthe beyerdynamics were just not fun to listen to.

    Everybody has their preferred sound signature, in my case that might be the Sennheiser signature. I didn't find any beyerdynamic yet that I Really enjoyed more than my existing gear. I really wanted to like the beyerdynamics but they just weren't for me.

    Cheers and enjoy YOUR favorite headphones :wink:
  8. Koolpep
    I agree 100% with you. I own the Yamaha HPH-200 as well and I think they are one amazing headphone for the price. Just listened to them yesterday again and love their sound as well.
    Whatever you choose, enjoy your music!
  9. TsukiNick
    Have both
    Soundstage: HD 598 have a better soundstage by a small margin but DT990 don't fall short.      HD598 Wins
    Bass: DT990 has very nice controlled strong bass, I wouldn't say it's overwhelming. HD598s...not bassy whatsoever.  DT990 Wins
    Treble: DT990 is a bit bright for most ears, EQ can help with this.  HD598s have the right amount of treble.                  HD598 Wins.
    Added things to think about:
    Comfort: Both very comfortable headphones, but I find the DT990s to be ever so more comfortable despite being heavier.
    Amping: The Sennheisers are going to be easier to drive, DT990s will want a bit more power to get to higher volume levels.
    Cable:  Sennheisers have an annoyingly long cable terminated in 1/4th inch (removable though so you can replace it) Beyers have a coiled cable that's not as much of a hassle of length but feels heavy.
    I have both but due to my choices for use I use my DT990s more often.
    I use different cables for both of them, the cables are equally annoying.
    DT990 respond well to EQing so can be a much more all around headphone in my experience.  Sennheisers can't handle much bass and EQ doesn't change that.
    If you use DT990/250ohm you are going to want an amp.
    Both great headphones for good prices.  (Price match the HD598s with Fry's 149.95 USD)
  10. tigerdx619
    Since you have both i would take an advantage and bother if you don't mind 
     Some questions :
    do you find the dt990 too fun (coloured) , or the HD598 too flat ?
    for the bands i listed which one would you prefer ( especially pink floyd , Nightwish ) ?
    for movies which one would give me a close to cinema experience ?
    would a (Titanium HD) be just enough to power the dt990 to high levels 

    sorry for asking a lot , thanks in advance 
  11. tigerdx619

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