Senn HD 461 repair help

  1. dgindlespergerd
    Last year my wife got a puppy and the puppy ate the cord on my Senn HD-461headphones. I am just getting around to fixing them. I am trying to take the cup apart so I can solder a new cord in place, but I can't figure out how to get them open I search the internet and nothing. I know they are not very expense, but I got a few cords I can use so why not try it. Any help would be really great and thanks in advance.
  2. dgindlespergerd
  3. dgindlespergerd
    Someone has to know how these are built....
  4. arteom
    couldn't tell you. Looking at pictures though, I would start by taking the earpads off and looking for any screws, taking out any screws you see, which might lead you to open the cup assembly, or might lead you to more screws, which you can take those off as well :wink:. You got nothing to lose, go at it!
  5. dgindlespergerd
    Tried that, tools the cups off and there are no screws.
  6. arteom
    Do you see some foam or felt that is covering the drivers?
  7. arteom
    also, were the wires chewed off right at the cup or do you have some wire to work with? one option might be to cut the wire just before it was chewed, and install a female 1/8" connector. This would allow you to plug in a simple 1/8" to 1/8" cable and it would work just fine. Might be a last resort sort of thing, but it would work!!
  8. dgindlespergerd
    No screws under the foam.
  9. arteom
    take some pictures of the cup and post them here
  10. dgindlespergerd
    Just going to put a 1/8" female jack on them as I have about 4" of cord that is good.

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