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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by raffy, Aug 17, 2008.
  1. raffy
    Arteom bought my ALO K701s. Really great communication and unbelievably fast payment! It was a pleasure dealing with him.
  2. Carter54
    I bought Arteom's Zero DAC with Opamps and the transaction was very smooth. He shipped the unit the same day that we came to agreement and provided tracking information in a very short time. I would do business with him again and I highly recommend him as a first rate seller.

    Chris "Carter" Carr
  3. shomie911
    Arteom bought my Denon C700s, quick transaction, great communication.

    Thanks man!
  4. Anouk Contributor
    I sold my beyerdynamic dt880/600 ohm to arteom for a nice price. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very fair/responds quickly to messages. Pleasure to deal with.
    Greetings, Anouk,
  5. Leicachamp
    I just received a pair of Denon 2000 from arteom. It arrived in great condition. the package was double boxed!!!! Highly recommended. will do business with arteom again.

    Thanks again for the headphones.
  6. jibra
    Arteomm purchased HD 600 from me. Great communication. Fast payment. Very pleasant transaction. Valuable member in Head-Fi community. Would not hesitate to involve any transaction with him.
  7. omahem
    YOUR HEADPHONES ARRIVED SAFELY SOMETIME AGO. THEY DIDNT GET OPENED UNTIL JUST NOW : CANCER RECOVERY>>ITS BEEN THE MOST HORRIFIC STRUGGLE OF MY LIFETIME. I never had this tardiness about me when an audio related package comes to my house through Head-fi . I have +68 POSITIVE because Ive taken my responsibilities with a given transaction VERY seriously. Now however Im really very sick. Less than 50%chance to be living 5 years from now? How would you like those odds? .But the much bigger problem is living one day at a time with the help of some kind of HIGHER POWER, call it whatever. I have very little energy. It took your email asking if the package had arrived safely AND my attention to that email for me to now know that the 600 olm Beyers 880, that sat unopened and unacknowledged too long, is a VERY fine headphone. Id be interested to know what you replaced these with...I think your 880s are wonderful, very musical and transparent, at a fair price (though I thought buying at that price would risk loss if I were to resell them for lack of interest.) But I won this time in the gamble of buying on the internet ,a headphone that I hadnt even heard before ,with your most supportive assistance. Thank you Arteom. I will send in glowing feedback, I cant say when that will happen... Ive way overdone it by the process of familiarizing myself with your Beyers but with true satisfaction that this venture has been truly worthwhile. I just have to pace myself very carefully. You cant imagine the pain associated with writing this email.Its an email long overdo so please forgive me.
    Arteom, you did me a huge favor by selling me your headphones. Thank you for a contribution to my recovery..Im a very happy(sick) man!
  8. jrosenth
    arteom bought an ms-2 in a perfectly flawless transaction

    thanks and happy listening!
  9. lmf22
    Arteom bought a pair of Blue Jeans LC-1. Excellent communication and fast payment. Overall a very smooth transaction.
  10. Ub3rMario
    He bought my dt880 2k3 250 ohm version. Very quick payment. Highly recommended.
  11. rds
    I sold Arteom a pair of Grado "liberators". He paid right away and was great to deal with.
  12. danmagicman7
    Bought Alessandro MS2's from Arteom . I was on a time crunch before I was going to be leaving from my address, so I needed the headphones before I moved. Arteom got them out the same day! Not to mention he answers PM's at like 3 AM... Great seller.
  13. cardude Contributor
    Arteom purchased my MS-Pros, payment was instantaneous and e-mails were answered very timely. It was an excellent transaction from start to finish, couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again.
  14. Spasticteapot
    Bought Arteom's DT880s. Exactly as described. Kickass headphones!
  15. ljokerl Contributor
    Bought an Audigy 4 Pro from arteom. Item was shipped the next day, arrived a day later, just as descirbed. Perfect cosmetic and operational condition, lightning-quick communication. Would absolutely buy from arteom again. Highly recommended!

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