Seattle Meet in Fremont Sunday 11/26/2017

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    Here it is

    When: Sunday 11/26/2017
    Where : Fremont Library
    731 N 35th ST
    Seattle WA 98103

    Time 12pm -5pm

    Yes there is a premeet and aftermeet
  3. Tjj226 Angel
    I will go. I can bring my amp, dac, and CD player, but I won't have any headphones. My HE-500s died : (

    If someone wants to share and extra set of headphones, that would be cool. If not, I am sure there will be enough headphones floating around where it will work out.
    Done. Easy request.
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  5. Ham Sandwich
    I can likely make this one. Fremont is one of my favorite areas of Seattle. It's been years since I've been there. Need to get back. And this meet is a good excuse.

    However, I recall that parking in Fremont can be difficult. What is parking in that area going to be like on a Sunday? Will we be able to pull up close to the library and drop off gear? Any suggestions for parking in that area? In the past when I visit Fremont I usually park on 36th near the troll. That would mean about a 2 to 4 block walk to the library depending on how close to the troll I can find an open parking place.
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  6. gepardcv
    I'd like to attend, but currently not sure if I'll be in Seattle that day. Consider me a firm "maybe".

    Anyone planning to bring any of the newer ZMF headphones?
  7. Tjj226 Angel

    Cool. I will aslo add that if someone has a USB to coax adapter, we could plug my dac into my laptop, and then we wouldn't have to deal with CDs. Unfortunately my dac only has coax.
  8. gefski
    I hope to be there with hot-transported uDO/Yggy as usual. @Ham Sandwich, if you are bringing your LCD-2 and HE 560, I'd like to spend some time with them.
    Yeah I kinda went pretty hard core since the last meet. Finally got a pair of HD800's cabled up... well you know. 2 cables for them. Magic box 3.0. Also Furutech DPS-4 power cable with full bling matched set Carbon Fiber Rhodium Connectors. So the rig is pretty amazing.
  10. Ham Sandwich
    I'll bring the LCD-2 and HE560.

    With luck I'll also be bringing a Cavalli Liquid Glass. It's scheduled to be delivered Saturday. Hopefully the Thanksgiving holiday doesn't cause a shipping delay.
  11. gefski
    image.jpeg Not seeing much activity here. Hope everyone recovers from the Aple Cup tonight and makes it to Fremont tomorrow. I'll drag in the old "Mid-Fi Trinity". Maybe there are some newbies that haven't heard these "relatively neutral" cans from 10+ years ago.
  12. Muziqboy
    Because of a prior commitment that I can not get out of, I will not be able to attend this one.
    Hopefully I can make the next one. To everyone who can make it, enjoy the gears and the music.
  13. Ham Sandwich
    Good news is that my Liquid Glass arrived today. It sounds good. I like this. Even with the stock tubes. :)

    Bad news is that I haven't been feeling well. I'm 90% sure I won't be feeling well enough in the morning to do the drive up and back to Seattle. :triportsad:
  14. HiDeF EnThusiAs
    hey.. if I do manage to get over there.. where r you guys meeting before and after.. thanks.. " - " : -) ..?
  15. atomicbob
    I'm likely a no-show for this meet. Many family obligations for the Thanksgiving weekend. @Ham Sandwich - hope you feel better soon. Great score on the Liquid Glass from Alex's sell off. I want to hear it when you are up here sometime. Especially like an A/B with my Liquid Crimson.
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