Seattle Meet 10/2/10 impressions
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I wish that screen was of our music server, but actually it was just a powerpoint slide show that shows all the tapes available from the Tape Project. Hmmm, I was mounting the tapes, so I guess that makes me the music server...
We do have a high res tube DAC under development, I've been playing just a bit with a networked headless Linux box, and I hope to be spending some time with an Amarra server in the next few months, so there may well be a Bottlehead server to show in some form by next year.
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There were definitely more people at the meet than those who have provided impressions so far. More folks should write impressions even if not necessarily of the gear! In any case, gear pics below.

Much agreed.  No need to write an essay, just tell us what you listened to and what you liked best. 
BTW: Are you in any pics?  I really wanted to introduce myself to you since you came all the way up from Cali.  And I'm sure we've bumped into each other on the DIY forum!
We do have a high res tube DAC under development

Well this is excellent news, Dan.  I'll keep a closer eye on the Bottlehead forum to see what's up with it!
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So far the meet has cost me the price of the Crack with Speedball and Audez'e LCD2. The HD650 sound quite fine on Crack.

And so the population of LCD-2's in the Northwest grows!  Muahahaha!  one of us!  one of us!

BTW: Are you in any pics?  I really wanted to introduce myself to you since you came all the way up from Cali.  And I'm sure we've bumped into each other on the DIY forum!  

Ya mean Colorado right?  Alex came up from Cali.
On my side, I'm having an extended period to listen to how LCD-2's sound on an iBasso D10.  Stacker is back in Portland for tweaking/maintenance/Sachu-reunion for a bit.  Hoping Sachu can get the hiss out of the right channel.
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Thanks, looking forward to seeing you again. Seems to be shaping up to be a pretty well attended evening.
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May just have to walk on the boat for this one. Cool thing about living in Seattle proper.
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For the lack of people sharing impressions, here're my impressions based on my 5 minute visit to drop off a raffle prize...
  1. So much tubey goodness, and I didn't get a chance to do anything other than give a quick glance through the various rooms. </sniff>
  2. I thought I was fashionably late (arrived 11:20ish), but looking at the number of unclaimed name tags, it appeared only about a third of the expected people had arrived by then. I guess I'm not as fashionable as I thought.
  3. It's awesome that the Seattle meets are beginning to attract out of state HFers and an increasing number of MOTs.
  4. Not that I blame him with the team and organization being so inept for multiple decades, but when did Big Poppa stop wearing Raiders gear?
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Young, you are just killing me.
Do wear Raider just about everyday day. But I had to retire my favorite cap that I wore everyday. It is 8 years old and looks like hell. The last meet I was sporting it.
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Yeah I was lucky with the Raiders today. Was wearing my Raiders cap with the flashing LED's. Raider Sundays in full regalia. The meet had only a few tags left. Lot of red tags. New registered. The layout was great spreading people around. The far room with the Head-fiers wash the coolest. We have meets on the average of every 3 months. There were not too many reviews 'cause everybody knows everybody and their gear. The 1st timers have not spoken yet. That is where you get some of the best observations. The next meet will probably be in Feb? The weather this winter is supposed to be real bad this year? And probably be at another MOT's facility? HMMMM. Yeah that is a hint. Details have not been finalized yet. Wait till we get the details on the summer meet! Yes that is being planned too! Us Seattle Head-fiers have alot going on!!!!

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