Seattle Head-fi meet at BottleHeadquarters 7/27/13
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 8, 2006
Queen Eileen and Doc B are graciously having us back at BottleHeadquarters for our next meet.
When: 7/27/13
Time: 3pm-
Where: Bottleheadquarters 9415 Coppertop Loop NE, Suite 101
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
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Cool, sounds like fun. Is it going to be at his place or somewhere else in the complex?
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Pretty sure I'm free and I might actually have something new this time around.  Put in the parts orders for a music server, so hopefully should be building it within the next few weeks.
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Would be good to see you bro.  We should bug Alex to get a loaner LL or something for Josh's new cans.  :)
My new server is up and running now.  It's going to be a challenge for the meet, since it's a headless server, so I'll need to pick up a cheap portable wireless router so I can control with my iPad.  Sounds good so far, though I'm not sure if there's some sharpness now to the sound or if I've just gotten so used to rounded tones.  Still lots of room for tweaking and upgrading though, so it'll be fun to start up from this different place.
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awesome.. can't wait to hang with you bud! Looking forward to the new server
well you should send ALex an email and see if he can have it shipped up north to you guys for the meet. I am sure he'd be interested.
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It looks like I will have my electra. Just got notice it ships this week. It wil be nice to hear the blue hawaii or ll2 if they make it.
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Cool.  I'll ping Alex and see if he has anything.
New server seems to be giving me more slightly more bass and treble extension, which isn't a surprise since that was what I was noticing when I borrowed Josh's Off-Ramp.  Still getting used to it and stress testing the rig.  Figure if it doesn't melt itself down after a good 2 days running, it should be mostly good.  :)

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