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Schiit Yggdrasil Impressions thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by indiegradofan, May 12, 2015.
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  1. landroni

    Well, to be fair, 32 bits can always come in handy if you're trying to record and play back an exploding stun grenade, which is operating at 170 dB. Not quite sure what it does to the transducers though...
  2. landroni

    Perfect? Forget perfect. That ship sailed away with the unavoidable quantization noise. And there is MUCH more to D/A conversion than just "distortion", and you should really choose which kind of distortion you wish to focus on. There isn't really a useful headline figure or anything like that.
    You may find these two reads interesting (by @Jason Stoddard).
    No Sample Left Unchanged: Digital Today*
    * Come to think of it, didn't John Atkinson read this before his "obsolete" cursing?
    Schiit Goes Vinyl
    And of course the Measurements chapter:
    On Measurements (With a Side Order of Sanity)
  3. Leigh
    I find the 50 Hz sine wave harmonic image interesting, with dominant second and third harmonics, and odd ordered above that with no even ordered harmonics beyond the second. It's very similar to the harmonic output of the Decware ZMA amplifier (I own one), which sounds fantastic. I wonder whether it's a coincidence or perhaps hints at similar underlying topologies.
  4. Noldir

    Yup. Good explanation of that here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/415361/24bit-vs-16bit-the-myth-exploded
  5. traehekat
    Just received my Yggy. I plugged it into my Auralic Aries via optical and Valhalla 2 and ... nothing. I don't hear any sound coming out of my headphones. It didn't even seem like the Yggy was reconciling the optical input, and I think the buy better gear light was going on. I switched to USB but no sound still. It did seem to recognize the USB input now, though. I tried USB from my MacBook to the Yggy and it worked. Any ideas why the Aries won't work? Thanks!

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  6. Torq

    You will need to switch the Aries to use it's "Digital Outputs", using the app on your phone or tablet. It will only drive EITHER USB output OR AES/COAX/TOSLINK ... not both together.
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  7. traehekat

    Bingo, worked like a charm. Thanks! Now the burn in begins...

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  8. Limniscate
    I tried a Curious USB cable versus my Oyaide Neo d+ cable, and the difference was very noticeable. The Oyaide sounded grainy in comparison to the Curious. The Curious didn't seem to make a difference when connected to my Singxer SU-1 DDC to AES via a Transparent Reference AES cable to the Yggdrasil.
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  9. Jamiee
    I decided to mess around a little this weekend and go a direction I haven't given much thought to in a few years...
    - Toslink -  Yup good'ole optical.   Am I nuts?  Probably, but it's a free experiment so what the heck!
    I initially hooked up an inexpensive Monster THX100 (plastic fiber) 1.5M cable between my motherboards on-board (yes I said on-board...) sound card and the Mutec MC-3+ USB re-clocker. 
    The result....  Well to be honest... Not bad, not bad at all!  The sound was surprisingly more dense (solid) with bass packing more of a punch and vocals sounding a bit more life like when compared to USB.  The overall presentation just sounded weighted and more crisp - in a good way of course.
    The downside...  I would say their seemed to be a bit less air,  a bit less sound stage width and perhaps a touch less depth. 
    BUT -  then I remembered I had a nicer toslink cable laying around... a Wireworld Super Nova 6 (glass fiber) 2.0M.
    So I dug it up and plugged it in.  Yeah, Houston we have lift-off!  It did everything the the Monster cable did and then some!
    Nice solid bass, very well defined mids, and plenty of air to boot.
    At this point it was becoming pretty clear (almost frustratingly so) to me that as good as USB is, it just isn't quite there yet for the very best in audio reproduction.
    To be fair, I also wanted to see (hear) what the Mutec was or wasn't doing in the signal path so I bypassed it and went direct to the Yggdrasil via toslink.  The result - interesting....  There was an immediate sense of transparency.  My speakers disappeared in a way they haven't done in quite some time.  The soundscape seemed to take a couple of steps backward.  it was deep and wide and it sounded quite lovely... very relaxing, but after a little while I found that I was yearning for a bit more of a visceral experience - you know, more of a live presentation.
    Back in went the Mutec... and I can wholeheartedly say it's going to stay. 
    I'll admit, it hurts to think about how much I have spent in the past 4-5 years or so trying to get USB to sound "right"
    I got close... really damned close!   However it just goes to show that sometimes the good'ole way is still the better way.
    I mean if optical out from a PC motherboard sounds better... well nuf said.
    - Granted it is a very high end (TOTL) ASUS board that has above average audio components on it, but still...
    So yeah, colour me surprised.  I guess it's Proof that you can teach an old dog some new (or is that old) tricks [​IMG] 
    I should mention that my current chain is:
    PC >>> Wireworld Super Nova 6 >>> Mutec MC-3+ USB >>> MIT Proline AES/EBU >>> Schiit Yggdrasil.
    I also tried the following configuration but found the Monster THX100 to be a limiting factor (maybe another Wireworld toslink would do the trick, who knows?)
    PC >>> Wireworld Super Nova 6 >>> Mutec MC-3+ USB >>> Monster THX100 >>> Schiit Yggdrasil.
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  10. Ags2
    Really enjoyed reading your post. Last year I introduced the ifi micro USB 3.0 into my system (Yggy) and found that it made a noteable improvement in overall performance. I use a laptop with 1tb SSD and oftened question if there would be even a greater performance improvement if I could figure how to use a coax or AES out of the laptop into Yggy. Is there some way to do this, or has anyone tried this? Is it worthwhile? Thx!
  11. theveterans
    iUSB -> Singxer SU1 (AES Out) -> Yggy
  12. Ags2
    Thx! I will check it out..
  13. Jamiee
    I think the problem with USB is that once it's in your chain you're stuck with its limitations regardless.
    That's not to say it's bad.  If anything USB can be quite good if you're willing to invest into it both financially and with a bit of time in order to wring the best out of it.
    The kicker of course being what I know now in that you're almost for sure going to get better sonics by going direct COAX, Optical, or AES if you have the option available from your source.
    A good converter or re-clocking device placed in-between the source and DAC is of course optional, but some might find to be beneficial.  I would say it's almost a must for USB.
  14. traehekat
    Is there any reason why I couldn't use AES to connect the Auralic Aries to the Yggy and then connect the Yggy to an amp via RCA?

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  15. franzdom
     No that should work.
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