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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. Paddlefoot

    +1 on the Asgard size amp, already have the Bifrost Multibit and the Asgard 2 and the speaker. credit card in hand!
  2. Blue Warper
    Yes, this is a true concern, you're right.
    Perhaps that would be feasible by keeping the same Asgard width and length, but going for a higher chassis.
    But yes, your points are good.
  3. MWSVette
    I would be fine with even double the height but need the footprint of the Asgard...
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  4. xuan87
    I think the Asgard Class A/B power amp described by Jason sounds perfect for many people, especially the younger generation. 
    Take me for example: Presently, I'm still staying with my parents so my audio rig is mainly restricted to my bedroom. And 90% of my time, I'm listening to desktop speakers connected to my PC. In my case, I'm using the Creative X7 paired with their EMU speakers. The main reason I got them was for the DSP, it really makes movies that much better to watch. And with the DSP switched off, the music sounds decent enough for me. For more critical listening, I got my Mimby Jodie stack to fall back on.
    Rolling back the years to my college days when I was renting a room, I was also using a pair of desktop speakers paired to a crappy tube hybrid Chinese power amp. For many college students just getting into the audiophile scene, this "entry level" Schiit power amp will be the perfect gateway drug for them.
    It's easy to overlook the group of people who do not have the money or space at home to invest in a full speaker setup and is restricted to desktop/near field listening. 
    Of course, I also understand Jason's concerns that there are already good-sounding competing products at low prices and Schiit might not want to force their way in but I just want to speak up for the not-small group of desktop bound speaker listeners lol.
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  5. RoundRound
    Can we please go back to talking about Freya? :wink:
    When can we expect it?
    Thanks, thrilled SchiitHead!
  6. MWSVette
    From 11/4 post
    From the horses mouth...
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  7. watchnerd
    With the large number of decent-sounding, budget-friendly desktop active monitors designed for near-field listening that are available today, why would anyone want to use an amp + passive speaker on a desktop?
    The home computer-based studio market has exploded over the last decade and has lead to a huge number of very competent active monitors available for prices less than a decent amp + passive speaker, plus fewer boxes.
  8. dmckean44
    I have four pairs of passive bookshelf speakers in my closet already. Why not just buy an amp?
  9. watchnerd
    Because you could sell them and buy something purposefully designed to be listened to in the near-field.
    Most passive bookshelf speakers aren't designed to be listened to at a distance of less than 3 feet like you get on a desktop.  Nearfield monitors are.  They tend to show directionality that is better suited for nearfield listening, have drivers that blend better up close, and active versions often include tone adjustments to help with placement.
    Bookshelf speakers on desktop = wrong tool for desktop use case.
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  10. pdferguson

    I use the Parasound Zamp for my desktop amp, and it's great. The Zamp is basically what everyone here seems to be describing, both in capabilities and price range.
    As others have said, it doesn't have a volume control because it's a straight power amp, not an integrated amp. Put a Parasound Zdac (or a Jotunheim) in front of it, and you have a complete desktop DAC/amp/headphone system.
  11. dmckean44

    Before I had to give up my office, my desk was somewhat  like this:
    My speakers sat on their stands about 5 feet back. I was using a full sized integrated amp and they sounded great.
    Active monitors will never be my listening preference. I've listened to a few pairs and guitar center (some of them quite expensive) and they all just sound like they're EQ'd to death. I can't get past that.
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  12. jimmers
    404 File not found
  13. dmckean44

    Should work now.
  14. watchnerd
    That might have been in an office, but that's not desktop listening.
    Totally different scenario.
  15. Oveja Negra
    Well, personally, I don't need/desire a desktop amp.
    I work from home and my current rig in my "office" is a Mini-ITX PC which is "hidden" under the desk. From there, there is an USB cable that sends the music to the following chain:
    Wyrd-->Bifrost Uber-->Asgard 2-->a pair of Genelec M030 active monitors.
    When I want to listen music with headphones (10% of the time at most) I just plug them in Asgard and that's it, while the rest of the time, the pre-outs feed the Genelecs.
    I know a good amount of folks here really dislike D Class Amps, but for me, the internal amp in the Genelecs sounds incredible. From metal bands like Opeth or Meshuggah, to extremely intrincate guitar instrumental like Steve Vai to very mellow music like Ella Fitzgerald's ballads. The sound is always wonderful.
    So, for this kind of setting (to listen music in a desktop while working) I will never come back to passive speakers.
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