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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. franzdom
    I have stacked my Schiit to the perfect height. I am listening to Count Basie 
    Computer > Yggy > MJ2 (great tubes) > Jotunheim > LCD3f and it is sounding better than ever after adding the Jot. 
    I asked Nick @ Schiit what he thought would be better, MJ2 or MJ2 > Jot and there was no opinion but I am definitely hearing a cleaner more dynamic amazing sound. Quite an awesome listening experience!
    EDIT: this is all balanced and after listening to Max Richeter's version of Vivaldi 4 Seasons it is truly amazing. I am not making Schiit up adding Jot as an amp is WAY better than Mjolnir 2 by itself. So much cleaner and more dynamic. 
    The disclaimer now is that I haven't listened to Jot by itself but I have no motivation at this time, this Schiit is just STUNNING!!!!11
    Now let's try Pink Floyd, Delicate Sound of Thunder, Learning to Fly...
    Holie Schiit!!! Jotunheim is extremely impressive!!!
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  2. bigro
    HAHA. Thats a New Market, Cans for K9's.
    My wife did that. I thought he would freak out and knock them off and he just sat there with that big grin on his face. 
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  3. DaemonSire
    Sorry for the off-topic post:
    From one cat owner to another, I'd suggest you check out Feliway.  You can get spray as well as diffusers (they are like the Glad Airwick plug ins).  Pick up a Feliway diffuser and plug them into a couple rooms.  They release a synthetic pheromone that is supposed to help calm them and help them adjust to new areas.
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  4. D Smith

    I have to agree with this. This is the only downside to my Valhalla 2, not being able to tell where the volume control is at. Jason, you could offer an aftermarket knob perhaps for those of us with less than perfect vision. Otherwise, the Valhalla is perfect for my needs and it keeps my room warm in the winter too ;P.
  5. acguitar84
    Hey, thanks for the impressions of Yggy on another thread (the gumby thread I believe it was). I got a yggy and love it! In fact I'm saving for another one, since I have multiple "listening stations"
    All the best!
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  6. Coolzo
    It seems a few different people are using the Mjolnir (or another tube amp) as a preamp for the Jotie. I, too, can vouch for the subjective improvement that a superior preamp brings to the Jotunheim (volume control on Jotie all the way up, used as if it were a power amp) - I had good results using a dedicated solid state preamp in between my DAC and the Jotie, even. 
    If the Mjolnir works well in this type of scenario, I'd be excited to hear the Freya (which will be far superior for preamp usage).
  7. jimmers
    So you can post here?
  8. johnjen
    I too wanted to be able to tell, by feel, where the MOAR knob was, so I 'borrowed' some RED fingernail enamel and filled in the dimple on the knob…
    Now it's easy to feel when the potential for awakening the neighbors at 3am can be averted…
    Not to mention saving my hearing from unintended 'excessius blasticus' (latin for OMG that was loud)…
    JJ  [​IMG] 
  9. bigro
    If my memory serves me right there is a dimple in the knob. A strategically placed drop of red , black or other color of polish inside the dimple and allowed to dry before you laid it backdown should give you a good visual indicator. or if the led is not enough light.
    Edit. Umm yeah what that guy above me said :)
  10. earnmyturns
    No chance, the H30 + preamp are too big for the space I have in out living room, the H360 is the bulkiest compatible with marital harmony.
  11. earnmyturns
    I can comment only on solid state. I loved the upgrade from Bifrost Uber (delta-sigma) to Bifrost Multibit: better instrument separation and imaging, more accurate attacks and decays. And then I really liked the upgrade from Asgard 2 (single ended) to Jotunheim (balanced). Even single-ended, the Jotunheim has in my view a tighter, cleaner mid-to-upper range and denser, more delineated bass, but it really shines balanced.
  12. caenlenfromOCN
    What if we made a factory of 3D Printers that created in mass, custom orders.  :D
    I do believe that is the future, still a ways off, but I am sure it will happen someday. Hell, China probably already does it for some items, who knows.  AMPS and DAC's next :D
  13. JoeKickass
    I'm dreaming of a Schiit Halloween,
    Just like the ones I used to know
    Where the vacuum tubes glisten and audiophiles listen,
    To hear details they never knew.

    I'm dreaming of a Schiit Halloween,
    With every music note that hits.
    May your future be full of great kit,
    And may all your Halloweens be Schiit!

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  14. FLTWS
    I like brightly lit rooms when I'm working with power tools and sharp kitchen cutlery, not in my listening room. It's distracting. And I've never attended any concert at an indoor venue be it classical, jazz, or rock, where they turn the house lights up when the performers commence to play. That's my biggest annoyance with my 3 Schiit amps. Even with the lights up in my living room I'm still struggling to see where the volume is set. Old eyes here as well.
  15. wink

    get a cat....!
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