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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. RoundRound
    Hello fellow Schiit heads,
    I, like many, are exciting about Freya and await its release. 
    Jason mentioned that they may be open to producing a 'posh' remote and I think it's  a great idea!
    I'd be happy to pay up to $99 for such a fancy remote - I think many will too. 
    It could be really interesting to see Schiit's take on 'Audio Jewellery' - of course this is the 'evil' Schiit's mission opposes, but I'm curious to see what they could bring to this type of design.
    Specifically, can you make a 'pretty' yet functional remote with Schiit's manufacturing philosophy or being smart yet frugal? You've already beat many of those 'high end' brands in pure sound quality, it'll be intersecting to beat them at their game...
    Just my 2p,
  2. FLTWS
    A remote with some sort of simple digital / led display to allow for repeatable settings would make it a tool instead of jewelry.
  3. StanD
    You'll need a nice pair of sunglasses, you know that the LEDs will be very bright.
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  4. JoeKickass
    The cool thing about IR control is that you can use any universal remote! Here's a super high-end one: https://www.wired.com/2015/10/savant-smart-home-hub/
    But I couldn't really find a cheap brushed aluminum remote, or any metal universal remotes at all! So I would probably buy an upgraded metal remote from Schiit, but if they go that route I think it should be an optional upgrade accessory rather than inflating the base price and forcing it on everyone.
    Besides, I'm thinking about going with a Logitech Harmony eventually, not the fanciest jewelry out there, but then I could have it control a smart plug that turns on the Schiit! [​IMG] 

  5. tulz43
    I'd be happy if the apple remote for $20 could be used. All aluminum and simple.
  6. watchnerd
    What's the best way to hook up a headphone amp to Freya (e.g like a Schiit Mjolnir 2 like I have)?
    Everything I can think of involves stacking variables outputs (e.g. variable out from the Freya into the MJ2, or vice versa).  This leaves two volume controls acting on each other.
    This ranges somewhere in between inconvenient and no bueno.
  7. rollinbr
    Balanced Remote Passive/Active Preamp

    1. Relay switched stepped attenuator (128 steps) 
    2. Selectable passive, JFET buffer, or tube gain operation
    3. Tube gain stage uses (4) 6SN7 tubes and 300V rail
    4. 2 balanced inputs, 3 SE inputs, balanced and SE outputs
    5. Full remote control
    6. Shipping October 2016 for $699
    I don't think you'll have any issues hooking up the Freya to your MJ2.........Balanced or SE, your choice.....
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  8. nedifer
    A silver poop emoji with buttons?
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  9. nedifer

    Put the power LED on the volume knob to indicate the volume level?  From all reports on LED brightness, should be readable from across the room and down the hall...
    Yes, old eyes here, too...
  10. oryan_dunn
    Ian got his Mani review up
    Calls Mike a genius, and that the Mani is a luxurious piece of equipment despite the low price. 
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  11. watchnerd
    Perhaps I didn't phrase the question well, but it's not a matter of SE vs balanced or active vs passive.
    It's that none of the outputs are fixed.  They're all variable.
    Thus you will have the volume control of the Freya acting on the input of the MJ2, which also has its own volume control.   Thus double volume control.  
    It's akin to using the variable headphone out jack of a portable player or a computer and running it straight into a headphone amp.
  12. Ableza
    It's analog.  There is nothing wrong with stacking volume controls.  It just makes it more complicated for the user.
  13. watchnerd
    I wouldn't go so far as to say there is nothing wrong.  It's just not as degrading as digital.
    The big issue is safety -- if you max out the volume on they Freya to get to -0 dB and use the headphone amp for volume control, then later switch to your power amps / speakers and forget to lower the volume, you could have a very bad day.
    So, yeah, more complicated. And riskier.  Would be nice to have a toggle-able fixed/variable out on the back for one of the outputs like some other preamps do when Freya 2.0 comes out.
  14. GhostLoveScore
    I guess I found my Christmas present for this year. Jason, thanks for writing this stuff, very interesting to read
  15. Ableza
    You don't want to "max out" anything.  Like I said it's analog.  Just balance the two volume controls to a nice level on both.  No biggie.  If you wish to drive a headphone amp off a preamp there is really no magic, just connect them together - although if the pre only has one output set you'll need to use Y-cables.
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