Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rensek
    Loving it on my Schiit stack at work, I'll probably have to listen to it in the garage tonight as well.
  2. Paladin79
    I listened to it surrounded by young employees, it was probably not their choice but I told them I needed certain music available if I was to help them this morn. It made perfect sense to me but not everyone gets the logic.

    As far as fairly recent music that they might not find offensive, the Lumineers and early Mumford and Sons does well, also The Civil Wars. It is never easy to find a musical happy medium between age groups but I can listen to these groups, if I have to, I guess.

    Equipment wise I was using an Imac Pro into a Coaster amp into some powered speakers. Just another way to let the Coaster burn in for a while.
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  3. jseymour
    I went down that rabbit hole willingly and now have a collection of 6C8G, 6F8G, 6SN7 and 7N7s. So many I have better live for a long time! I have most of my 6F8Gs on display in an in wall bookcase. I laugh when almost everyone looks at them for the first time and says "what are those?"
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  4. Paladin79
    There are worse investments, and unless someone finds a treasure trove of old tubes their value should only increase.
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  5. golfbravobravo
    Actually, when I install Desktop, I too can find it easily. However on Roon it is, let's say, challenging! I'm in the midst of an exchange with one of the Roon product managers pointing out whay I find it hard to use TIDAL there. In this case, I did eventually work out the nuances to get the whos list of results for the search, but the result includes subsets of the serach term. The albun in question was #37on the list and about 4 or 5 in the exact matches. I would expect to see exact matches for the search term first!

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  6. golfbravobravo
    Thanks for the thoughts. And where does one buy (or find) such items?

  7. Ableza
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  8. Ripper2860
    INVESTMENTS. Yeah, that's it!! When the wife asks "What the hell is in that box, another tube?", I'll just answer, "Nope. It's an just another INVESTMENT". :thumbsup:
  9. Paladin79
    LOL my wife never asks but luckily my son understands all of my electronics. If anything happened to me he would not let someone come in and buy my tubes for $20 total or some such. Quality 5998's can be $100 each or more depending on brand and type. He would also have to show her how to operate the various sound systems I have set up in my family room and what each of nine remote controls do. She can adjust lighting, heat and cooling and check for intruders with her phone or voice but that is about the limit.
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  10. jseymour
    Using HiFi Shark ( I have found many tube dealers on ebay. I have had great luck with all that I have bought from. The problem is I think the popularity of the Freya has caused the price of NOS 6SN7 family tubes to rise.
  11. Xcalibur255
    Tektons? The Lore seems like a pretty default option for low power systems.
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  12. Derrick Swart
    talking TT. Will Sol see the light of day before summer? Ahhh wait it is already summer....summer still not really arrived in Portugal...times are a changing (or as Trump never would say climate is a changing :))
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  13. Paladin79
    Those are one of my first choices but first I have to see what some friends come up with on Klipsch. The La Scala II was one possibility and if the price is anywhere near as good as other deals I have received from them. I can use them for a while, sell them and make enough to buy the Tektons, a pre-amp, and probably another turntable. I got to talking to them about Klipschorns I heard years ago and I wanted to at least try some that are being remade. I do not plan on adding on a room for them (some need a lot of space) but if not for me, they could work for my son. Space wise the Tektons would be better once I exhaust this possibility. I do have a Freya on the way so some of the pieces are falling into place.

    I have a good friend who used to own some folded horn Klipsch and I want to have him hear some decent new versions one more time before he passes on. He had tube type Dynaco and I learned a lot from him.

    A slight correction, Klipsch has brought back some speakers they discontinued but from what I can find out, some have continually been in production for 65-70 years and still built in Hope Arkansas. They have more people in the Indianapolis office, I believe this is the home office and newer designs are done there. The larger horn speakers are still made from the designs of Paul Klipsch. I know of some running off of 3.5 watts, they are very efficient. Some are $4,000-$7,000 depending on speaker type and finish, that is the single speaker price.
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  14. Derrick Swart
    Schiit fellows, Vidar seems out of stock quite a while now, especially in the NL. Because of this i was checking alternatives, difficult to find something. The only thing i found, is cheaper, on stock and even better specs. Esthetics wise probably less interesting for the most in my opinion Vidar is by long more beautiful. The amp i found is the PAS 2002PCA. Really interesting and being sold already for quite a while. Looks like Vidar has ‘ugly’ competition

    -just see that ugly blue is also suffering stock issues: 2-3weeks stock coming in-
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  15. golfbravobravo
    I ordered mine (in the US) along with the Frya and it shipped this week, should arrive tomorrow :)

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