Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Jason Stoddard
    It's less a problem of cost, and more a problem of fit. Doing it balanced all the way through would mean a product the size of an Yggdrasil, and about the cost of an Yggdrasil. Balanced I/O with SE internals is Freya sized, and half the cost.
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  2. US Blues
    Thanks for the clarification. When you say "half the cost," are you referring to the list price of a Freya or Yggy? I have to start budgeting now.

    PS- Please don't forget the balance control. :raised_hands:
  3. prez
    Jason - I have enjoyed all the Schiit I have bought, and as I have pursued better audio, you always have products available that pair well with what I am doing with pricing that makes it achievable...Including my new Jotunheim. :)

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  4. sagittarius1273
    Ok. here is my personal wish for something I hope to be on your "to improve" list for 2018 ... international shipping costs ... I know you are still more focused on the US market (and this is one reason I thought about highlighting that matter on your radar), which is quite big, but I am sure the interest in your products outside the US would not be small. While I do not know the exact volumetric weight of your product shipping boxes, I usually make many orders from the US major online retailers every year so I kind of have a decent feel for international shipping costs. A cost of over USD 70 for shipping an item as small and light as the Magni 3 to a Middle Eastern country, which is an international air traffic hub and served by many international airlines, implies to me that you are yet to negotiate a good deal with one of the international shipping couriers. There are ways around this issue, like using US-based shipping forwarders, but they are less then ideal ( and the billing and shipping addresses would be in two different countries so I do not know if that would be ok with you).

    It is great to hear that your moving form establishing the business phase to refining the business phase. Keep up the good work. You help bring more sense to this industry.
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  5. VandyMan
    You could put two Loki in a single box, one for each channel.

    My personal wish for 2018 is for the full-size Schiit to all have pre-outs.
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  6. Brubacca
    Jason ,

    I always enjoy your story. I'm sure we can all be a pain, but I really appreciate your interaction with the community.

    Good Luck through the end of 2017 and continued success through 2018.
  7. dmckean44
    Considering how the high end of the market likes to avoid EQ at all costs, I can't imagine there being any market for something like that.
  8. FrivolsListener
    From the Magni 3 page:

    There's got to be a story behind those sentences!
  9. Jason Stoddard
    Half the cost of Yggy.
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  10. Jason Stoddard
    I'm sure Alex could write a whole chapter on some of the, ah, enthusiastic missives we get about "where's my schtuff!"
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  11. US Blues
    Thanks Jason. Stay safe with the fires.
  12. Jason Stoddard
    So far, so good. Though this was the view outside my office on Tuesday.


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  13. soundman414
    Jason, will Gen. 5 be sold for the Jotunheim as an upgraded board?
  14. Jason Stoddard
    That'll never fit.
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  15. moopster
    I recently purchased an M&M stack (Modi Multibit + Magni 3) from the For Sale section here on Head-fi. I bought the stack for the Mimby so I could A/B compare it to my Gumby. I use my Jotunheim balanced so my intention was to just resell the Magni. Until I plugged my Audeze into it. I was blown away with how great the Magni 3 sounds with the power-hungry LCD-4. Transparent and punchy, like a baby Jotunheim. So I'm keeping the M&M stack for bedside use. The Gumby/Jodie stack is staying downstairs for really close listening sessions.

    Jason et al., congratulations on a stellar product in the Magni 3, no wonder you can't keep it in stock.

    P.S. The Mimby arrived without its little rubber feet, so I asked if I could possibly order some replacements. They sent me three sets of four, via Priority Mail, gratis. Schiit products, backed by Schiit service. Stellar.
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