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Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Aug 28, 2019.
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  1. XERO1
    Just got mine too! :L3000:


    Been listening to it for the past couple of hours.

    It's way too early for any serious impressions, but here's my 2 Emoji Review (so far): :fearful::heart_eyes:

    More to come.... :sunglasses:

    - Schiity Pro Tip: It sounds it's best on High Gain
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
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  2. Mani ATH 87
    What headphones are you using with it? I think this is dependant on sensitivity since high gain likely significantly raises the noise floor (haven't seen the measurements).
  3. Rodmunch
    I have the Asgard 3 on order too. Hasn't shipped just yet. I also own A2 and Magni 3, and have owned M1 and M2U. I feel A2 is noticeably better than all the Magnis, especially in the treble. The Magnis all sounded a bit harsh and grainy to me, A2 does not. I'm looking forward to hearing A3 and hope for an improvement over A2.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
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  4. XERO1
    With medium sensitivity headphones like my TH-X00, the amp's noise floor is not an issue with either gain setting.

    But what I've discovered, especially with Schiit amps, is that they seem to be voiced around only one of the two gain settings. This is just my speculation, though. I keep forgetting to ask Jason about it.

    With my Lyr 2, it sounds best on Low gain. If I switch it to High gain and match the volume level, it sounds too bright and in-your-face. And I thought the same was true with the Asgard 2 when I had it.

    But with my Magni 3, and now with the Asgard 3, to my ear they sound much better when set on High gain.

    Just my $0.02, but give it a try and see if you agree (or not).

    - Update -

    This post got me thinking, so I went back and carefully listened again to my Lyr 2 on both Low and High gain, and I now prefer it's sound on High gain.

    I'm not sure what changed, possibly just my preference in sound presentation.

    The High gain setting still gives a very up-front and vivid presentation when compared to its Low gain setting, but it no longer sounds like too much of a good thing to me. Now it just sounds really good!

    So I now believe that all Schiit amps are probably voiced around the High gain setting, and the Low gain setting is just there as a extra feature that should only be used when its necessary, like when using extremely sensitive headphones with the amp.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
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  5. Mani ATH 87
    Interesting, I'll report back! I just picked up my new Focal Clear earlier then expected...so I'll give them a spin tonight.
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  6. volly
    I have a lot of Schiit gear, the Asgard 2 and first Generation Mjolnir are closest siblings! If you like/love the sound of the Asgard 2 and want that next step up or have crazy to drive headphones then I can recommend the old Mjolnir (If you can find one!) The sound is subtly bigger and deeper and more dynamic but the Asgard 2 noise floor is quiet as a tomb! On sensitive headphones like a Nighthawk, you'll hear the noise floor of the Mjolnir not a pop or squeek on the Asgard!

    As for the sound of the Asgard 3, I'd imagine it to be similar to the Lyr 3 and not the old Asgard but we'll have to wait and see. I personally love the optional add-in's on Schiit's later products as I am kinda over the whole separate's approach with audio gear! I have too many amp's and dac's and not enough space...hahah!

    I think for the money, how could you look past the Asgard 3, it's seriously good value, congrats to the Schiit team! Good Schiit!
  7. volly
  8. rets34
    Really considering getting the Asgard 3 to replace my Magni3/Modi2, only question I have is if I should get the 4490 DAC or Multibit.
  9. Mani ATH 87
    So far sounds like a wonderful combo

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  10. volly
    Get the MB card and call it a day! Should do you for years to come!
  11. rets34
    Is Multibit worth it[price]? Seen differing stances on it's sound.
  12. Charente
    I wonder when these products might be available in Europe ? ... and at what price.
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  13. Alcophone
    Keep using the Modi 2 for since you already have it and the cables, and since the Asgard 3 is single ended anyway. In January, you should then be able to buy a Unison based card if you so choose, for the same additional cost (except for shipping) if you're willing/able to install it yourself. USB Gen 2 is a real disadvantage for the cards and small DACs.
  14. volly
    If you're starting out bro, my advice would be that, there is NOTHING wrong with DS Dac's! I have both flavours, I like both but if I could only have one type of DAC then I would choose MB as I love that flavour more!

    As for the Asgard 3, I would personally go all out and call it a day. I wouldn't want to "upgrade" it to the MB as it would be more costly from where I live! Do it once, do it right! Also, re-sale on a MB/Asgard 3 would be pretty pimp later down the line!
  15. logboy
    had an asgard 2 for a few years or more. same situation now as before buying it : i need (now like) a headphone amp because i like to watch TV and films with headphones on; i use grado 60/80/325, but mostly 60. not an audiophile, can;t trudge through and learn as much as it seems to take to be sure of what to buy. interested in asgard 3, mostly because i don't know what would beat it, schiit or otherwise. was tempted by jotunheim for a while, but as soon as i look at the next up the subsection of their range it has different inputs for purposes i am unsure of. i use modi 3 (as of this year) because i'm taking two sources (tivo via optical, oppo BD via coax) that i switch between. might add a third source, so considering mani phono stage for asgard 3's card mod benefits - but don't know about it in comparison to the mani's gain switches / other aspects because no idea of their benefit beyond different cartridges, and don't know why that is at all. my turntable (currently) is an old pro-ject debut that's unused for years and no idea what the cartridge is beyond it being ortophon replacement i had to buy. have looked at rega, but don't know if i want to fork out as much as all together would add because i'd be starting again with vinyl, too. anyway, i will watch to see how asgard 3 is received, and wait for the UK price to appear.
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