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May 19, 2009
I want the line out to work, but have to use usb charger i dont have, i think maybe just connect a switch on one of the data lines, and when i need line out just turn the switch off, but maybe there is a software solution?
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If you insert the mini USB only half way, you can get it to turn on the line-out without the Fuze going into data mode.
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In USB, the outer 2 is for power. Data is the inner 2. IF it is a mini USB, the inner 3.

Let me teach you a simpler way: cut a tiny piece of Scotch tape (or electric tape) and glue it over the inner 2 / 3 pins inside the connector. That way you don't need to cut anything.
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you will need to disconnect all the data connection, which mean either the inner 2 or inner 3 of the connection.
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ok in the end what i have done is cut the cable to half (dont ask why LOL), connected Ground and 3 other cables (white, red, black), the green one connected throw switch, and it works fine, one strange thing the happening is: if the fuze in the dock when i back from sinc mode to charging only and push some button, the light of the screen turn of, but if i go to britness setting it back again, am I missing something?

here some images of the final result:

my old zen touch BTW..i like Fuze SQ much more, btw original Fuze earphones not so bed after all (not bad for bundle) .

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