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Samsung S8 / S8+ Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by emerald core, Mar 29, 2017.
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  1. peter123
    I just couldn't disagree more with that. It's OK but I just had to say it as I'm not particularly impressed with the sq on the S8......
  2. Sound Eq
    i got my s8 + , now with all honesty it sounds so dam great with my iems like 64audio U8, it has a great sound, this lets me question if a dap is needed with iems anymore, as the sound is breath taking

    its the exynos version, just amazing, and this adapt sound effect is amazing
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
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  3. vegetaleb
    Anyone knows what High Res audio the S8 Exynos can read well? I have one but couldn't tell the difference between Mp3 320 and Hi Res Flac using KZ ZS3.
    I wonder if the U11 High Res is better
  4. mehdikh423
    You can hear the diffrence of hires with high end stuffs..a good dap and earphone can help you..i tested a lot of stuffs and i can say the quality of s8 exynos and kz zs3 are equal too low end stuffs
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
  5. Dexter22
    I am Using a cheap urban HiFi with it. It sounds really good together. Coming from iohokes I miss the warm Mideast but what I get is more neutral sound overall with shining clean highs.
  6. Paulus XII
    I think the S8+ DAC sounds really good. And I'm accostumed to high-end DACs like the Chord Hugo 2. There's no comparison, of course, but occasionally, works really great.
  7. peter123
    I'm glad you're enjoying it. Unfortunately I'm quite underwhelmed by it myself, my old LG G5 (with the Hifi Plus module) is easily outperforming it for my preferences. I was hoping for more, after owning the S8 for very close to a year now I still haven't got used to it enough to enjoy it.

    Anyway, nice that you enjoy it.
  8. Paulus XII
    Nothing compared to the LG G6 QUAD DAC, but still fine :)
  9. psikey
    Apart from some background hiss with my SE846's I thought it was fine, but after reading all the positive views of the LG V30 and took the plunge and bought the 128GB V30+

    No phone I've ever had sounds this good. As a previous Mojo owner who also tried a Hugo2 for a week, I've now given up on external DAC's or DAP's, its that good both with my 8 Ohm SE846's or my 150 Ohm Sen HD660's.
  10. EirikM
    Do you have S8 or S8+ ?
    I also want to do the switch, what you think about the screen compared to S8+?
  11. psikey
    Put it next to an S8 and you will notice the S8 is better. More pristine and smooth while the V30 can look grainy on the whites and there is a slight blue tinge at angles.

    Take the Samsung away and its next best screen Ive seen. Unless your really picky, the screen is fine and having the Enhanced Audio is worth the slight drop in screen quality.
  12. peter123
    I've got the S8 but it's my understanding that they sound identical.
  13. Ryland Johnson
    I think you need to prioritise what your needs are. Mobile phone....the Samsung S8 range leave the LG range dead in the water. Music reproduction..........Take the LG V30. I find that difficult though as If my only priority was sound reproduction I would NOT be looking at mobile phones as they will never reproduce what a dedicated DAP can reproduce.
    It really comes down to compromise and expectations. Perfection in all areas would make any one device cost a large fortune.
    I get puzzled by the mobile phone camera attraction? THE most important part of a mobile phone these days is clearly the camera to the exclusion of other functions. To me IF a camera is that important I would buy a dedicated camera. Same logic applies to music. I think it unrealistic to expect a mobile phone to be all things to all men.
    As most of us here on this forum prioritise music in terms of mobile phones that comes down to a very small selection...LG V30. If, on the other hand, one desires a better well rounded device I suggest the Samsung range.
    I own the iPhone S8+ also the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I pair with both those mobiles an Oppo HA 2-SE along with a small selection of head gear. As a travelling compromise I am pleased to write I am satisfied with those combinations.
    Tried DAP's didn't enjoy them, too limited and the cost! Its a question of compromise and prioritise. To that end its each to his own.

  14. Paulus XII
    After testing the LG G6 extensively, including the Quad DAC, I just don't think it is almost as good as the S8 as a phone, as the sound quality is very close to what you get from a 2000€ DAC like the Hugo 2. If the V30 is any better, it is a very good purchase for audiophiles and smartphone fans. On the S8 Plus, I personally love the screen and the night performance of the camera. No outstanding audiophile DAc like the G6 or V30, probably same camera performance at daylight. Several websites even show that the G6 camera outperforms the S8. IMO LG with the Quad DAC setup is the smartphone for audiophiles. Compared to the HUgo 2, I've just noticed the G6 has less bass impact/punch, but in terms of micro-detail, they're really close. Sometimes you notice a little bit better fidelity on the Hugo 2, but you really have to A/B to tell the difference.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  15. Ryland Johnson
    Not sure I fully understand all you write?

    Are you suggesting the sound reproduction for either the Samsung S8 or the LG V30 is close to the same quality etc as a DAP costing 2,000€?

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