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Samsung Galaxy S Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by teatime0315, Jan 24, 2011.
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  1. teatime0315
    Any headfiers have the samsung galaxy s or one of its many variants?
    Just wondering what you guys use to make the sound quality better. 
    IE: apps? EQ?
    many thanks to those who chime in :)
  2. BotByte
    Don't have it, but since they made a PMP out of it, it has to have some reasonably good sq
  3. teatime0315
    bump since i posted this so late last night
  4. sooevo
    I have the Samsung Vibrant and I use the Poweramp App. It gives you some eq controls and it is soo much nicer than the stock player. You could also root it and install a kernel that supports voodoo sound by a developer named Supercurio! Voodoo sound helps utilize the Wolfson Chip in the Galazy S line. Samsung crippled the performance of the wolfson but the kernel that supports voodoo sound help unleash some nice sounds.
  5. Jubei
    That's what I read too. BUT this will involve flashing the phone first with an appropriate kernel and installing the Voodoo sound app. If you are in for this, you should probably do a lagfix as well - it supposedly makes the phone real snappy.
    The problem for me is that I'm not technical enough (or brave enough) to do this type of hacking - especially since I can't get to download or recovery mode on the phone via the 3 button approach.

  6. jakenz
    I have a galaxy S (I9000 international edition) I've had for 3 months or so.  
    Just flashed the phone with the Supercurio Voodoo kernel/firmware and what a huge audio quality improvement indeed.  The sound now outdoes my Cowan D2.  I've just posted about it over here...
    The firmware upgrade process wasn't that difficult, and is without a doubt worth it for the sound quality improvement alone, which oddly enough was not even why I did it... think more stable GPS, faster lag-free operation...
    teatime0315 likes this.
  7. teatime0315
    sweetness. i've rooted the phone and am currently running a custom firmware. going to check out lionk now... hope this is going to be epic.
  8. vesuvius333
    Teattime please keep us updated.  I'm currently reading up on all the aspects of rooting the galaxy.  Love hearing the positive experiences with voodoo sound.  Can't wait to try it out. 
  9. teatime0315


    Hey! Sorry about not updating my findings. Anyway, I did the custom firmware. Let me tell you, best decision I've done for the phone yet. Sound quality has increased noticeably. The power output has gone up at least more than twofold. And it seems to have a wider sound stage. I HIGHLY recommend this mod if you haven't done so already. 
  10. ZetsuBozu0012
    Same here.
    I've had my phone for about ten months, and I managed to hold off on rooting it until just last week.
    Currently on Darky's v9.5 Extreme, which comes with Voodoo by default. Before installing the custom ROM, SQ was reasonably good, but it became exceptional for a PMP afterwards. Don't get me wrong, it comes nowhere near what I expect the performance of the HM801 is, but it's rather good. You also have the option of bypassing the analog channel mixer with the Voodoo app, which is probably the primary reason the SQ improves so much. Also, you get to use a hack that switches the volume adjustment from a digital method to an analog one. I don't really get how it works, but a small warning: Do NOT try it while wearing headphones, because what it does is it maxes out the digital volume, with only the analog channel to soften the sound. I nearly jumped out of my pants after that little episode.
    Oh, and the interval between songs gets cut by quite a bit, which really helps with the likes of progressive rock albums like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. :))
  11. meizumintyboi
    I have the Galaxy S I9000GT in the UK, I haven't installed that kernel yet to get voodoo running, I have the leaked xwjvb build on there, do I need to root to install the kernel?
    PowerAMP is definitely the best player out there SQ wise, I've tried a lot of others including; PlayerPro, Mixzing, Winamp, Default SGS Player...
    Paired with the M50 and Fiio E5 it makes for a decent media player, this is without Voodoo installed. The bass can be cranked up, making this suitable for bassheads too. :)
  12. uglijimus
    I don't have the galaxy S, but I am considering getting the Galaxy Player and loading it w/ the PowerAMP.  You said it is great SQ, but how does it compare to other DAP like the imod, etc. I'm trying to find something better than my meizu M3 DAP and am wondering if this will be it or not.
  13. meizumintyboi
    Well I do have the m6 8gb (1st gen), which I don't use anymore, but I can compare the SQ compared to my SGS if you like? with my M50 amped and unamped.
    *grabs mini usb charger*
  14. uglijimus
    That would be great if you could.  I am an EQ enthusiast and I love how natural the EQ sounds on the Meizu (as long as you don't increase the dB more than 4 for any given frequency) and am just hoping that the EQ on the powerAMP will work just as well with the SGS or the SGplayer (to be released soon?).  You don't need to amp them as I am just interested in the sound coming from the source by itself.  thanks!
  15. meizumintyboi
    ok had a brief listen in with/without the amp anyway.. I don't have Voodoo installed either, which is supposed to improve SQ on the SGS, not sure if this will apply to the Galaxy Player, also bare in mind the Galaxy Player will most likely have different audio hardware to the SGS, as well as many other differences, which could improve things as a media player.
    With both players on the loudest and every setting to neutral/default: the m6 had a slightly higher volume, the highs were ever so slightly crisper, maybe a little too bright. Increasing the treble on the SGS almost matched this, but would sound slightly metallic if increased by too much. Un-amped the M6 drives my M50 really well, particularly the bass, even at maximum, does way better than the SGS, which also requires decreasing the preamp and in effect the maximum volume.
    Amped the M6 does even better, and significantly better than the SGS amped. But overall the sound quality of the SGS using PowerAMP is still very good, and the EQ and tone settings are very customizable.
    Thanks for asking about your M3's SQ though, it made me pull out this little gem which I will probably start using now and again.
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