Rudistor rp010 sound quality vs. newer amps (Beta22 or Luxman P1U).
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May 15, 2006
In terms of sound quality only, how does the Rudistor RP010B compare to a (reasonably maxxed out) Beta22
or the new Luxman P1U?
I ask this because in the discussions of Beta22s or Luxmans comparing them to other amps, the RP010B has not entered the discussion much (as far as I have seen in my searching).
I am asking about the nature of the sound only because reliability and customer-service issues have already been posted in some anecdotes here and I wanted to keep this question simple.
Sound quality aspects I find important are tonality, bass control, grain-free vocals, sweet but not-rolled-off highs,
and a generally balanced, non-punchy sound. I am looking for a reasonable level of detail but without listening fatigue.
I am currently using an older (1999) Headroom Max [with a 2004 reference module] with an EMM CDSA cdp in this system.
It does produce a very pleasant musical sound and is engaging for long-term listening in a do-no-harm way that is definitely high-end sound, but there is not a lot of deep inner detail with this amp.
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to comment.
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That's a great question, too bad no one has an answer...

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