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Ross Martin Audio DACs? BB PCM1794 based DAC ($199 single DAC, $399 dual DAC with headamp)

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  1. cracky
    lol, i'm tempted to give it a try, and would love to compare it with my metrum octave...[​IMG]
  2. Rollin
    Thanks for all the good info here. Going to have to get one of these soon.
  3. Rollin
    This or a Metrum, so cracky get buying and report back :wink:
  4. neuheadfi
    problem solved, my point kept neutral
  5. rallychief
    So glad i followed my gut instinct to not get one
  6. zowie


  7. Faithless
    I'm almost buying one...
    I hope it's as good as read here.

    Could have better external finish...
    Could wait a few more reviews...
    But curiosity is a silent killer.
    And the price damn good.
    By the way ...
    I contacted Mr.Ross and he answered my questions quickly and clearly.
    Another important point to make this choice.
    I'm working my mind to decide.
  8. Faithless
    WHY #2 ????
    I'm just upgrading a Musiland Monitor 03.
    Great for the money as the Monitor 02.

    I have the same questions about the Ross DACs.
    I know it seems like a "dark shot" option.
    And what about the very positive feedback from here?
    Nothing ventured nothing gained?

    Explain your concerns...
  9. geraldsmallbear
    I just had mine delivered today but I can't plug it in yet because....there's no plug, ... just bare wires.
    Can someone advise on how to wire up a wall-plug. I'll be getting a second opinion obviously, but some basic advice would help as I'm not an electrician.
    There seems to be no + or  - so it appears as though it doesn't matter which way it's wired - correct?
    I really can't understand the logic of not supplying a wall-plug.
    If anyone's interested, I'll post a review once it's burned in. My current DAC is a modified Audio-GD NFB-2, I bi-amp into 2 integrateds and have a pair of modified AKG's which are very difficult to drive... and I had Ross put (dual) gain control on the DAC - as I assumed it would be too hot as is.
  10. guilders0
    review ?
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