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Rolled Over my Cord. Help :(

  1. Miraculous
    Hey, I'm not entirely sure where to put this thread, but this seemed like the right place. Bear in mind I'm new here so please reserve your judgement, but I couldn't find a straight answer elsewhere. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I rolled over the cord of my beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm with my computer chair, and despite using cable ties, I still had enough slack for this careless mistake to occur. Now, the cord on these cans is pretty substantial, and I can't hear any difference nor do I see any damage (fortunately it's a carpeted floor which I presume helped). Is there any chance for unseen damage? Am I in for trouble in the future? Am I just being too paranoid? I'm not a rich man by any stretch, so these things are pretty much my pride and joy right now. If anyone can help me out and ease my concerns, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Miraculous
  3. uncola
    If it still works I'd say don't worry about it
  4. TsukiNick
    If it works still your fine. If it doesn't be careful as damn possible when soldering a new cable to the driver, there is hair thin voice coil wires on the driver you have to be sure to to touch.

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  5. TsukiNick
    *not touch* sorry about double post tapatalk wont let me edit

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  6. Miraculous
    Thank you both! Means a lot to me.

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