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Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs vs Monster Turbine Pro.... MORE!

  1. SikkNazty
    I currently have some Sennheiser CX500's and they're pretty nice, but I need something with a bit more OOMPH on the bass side. I've made a couple of selections. I mainly listen to Dubstep/Rock/Metal/Deathmetal. Just let me know which one you think would be best for me please! :)
    Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs ($58 sale): These are mainly for the bass heads, which is me... I'm just worried that they're overrated and stuff idk...
    Monster Turbine Pro ($130 refurb.): Is there any difference between the gold and copper versions (other than the color obviously)? These are pretty well known to people, but I am also worried if these are going to be extremely heavy and just fall out of my ears.
    Klipsch Image S4 ($58 sale): I heard good reviews on how these are almost perfectly balanced. I also heard they are pretty comfortable?.
    V-MODA Vibe II ($80 sale): I've heard these are decent, I'm probably not going to get these but I thought I'd include them in my selection.
    Which is the best bang for my buck?! I'm mostly considering the monster's or the rockford's. But I would really appreciate it if I got some input on my selection. Also, if you have any suggestions on OTHER in-ear headphones, I'd appreciate that too.
  2. tadad1
    The Punch Plugs are quite ordinary even after burnin and the bass is flabby and poorly defined bleeding heavily into the mids. I found them to be really flat like listening to sound being bounced off a wall and all merging together resulting in poor separation and almost non existent directionality or spaciality. Comfort and fit are not good either and offer very little isolation.

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