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Rockbox for iPOD Classic 6g 7g mSATA SSD MOD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by beyondwind, Sep 2, 2014.
  1. Whippler
    hmm received my tarkan mSata adapter.. 
    Haven't ordered mSata drive yet, kind of debating how much i like to spend.
    Haven't received my LOD cable and the 2000mAh battery is still on its way.
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  2. capitanharlock
    Great news!
    As a complete newbie I'd like to know how do you manage to open the ipod in order to replace the internal hd, snd if any special tool is required.
  3. capitanharlock
    One more question,
    is it possible to have the digital output avaliable using rockbox?
  4. Whippler
    the damn thing is pretty rock solid, and needs serious force to be torn apart.
  5. sweex
    Will this firmware also eliminate the theoretical limitation of my 6g ipod classic in combination with an 160Gb drive?
    Because I have one working 120Gb iPod classic and one 160Gb iPod classic whose motherboard is broken. So for the moment it's not that usefull to put the 160Gb drive in the 120Gb iPod.
    And is it possible to install this in a thin iPod classic or will I need to order a thick backplate?
  6. beyondwind
    There will be no limitation on the hard drive size (<1TB). 
    I've done test with 160gb hdd on 120gb mainboard, not a problem. 
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  7. beyondwind
    Not possible at this moment, unless you can do some serious soldering to have I2s audio out. 
    From the datasheet the process can handle toslink output, but the hardware is not implemented.
  8. sweex
    Ok thank you! And will it fit in a thin profile? (Although I'm seriously considering getting an iVue clear panel + thick backplate and an 2000mAh batter)
  9. beyondwind
    If you have the thin hard drive, Toshiaba MK1634gal, it will definitely fit in the thin profile.
    Just be warned that opening up the iPod classic maybe a challenge, it is very likely you will bend the back case, a perfect excuse to replace it with a thick backplate and 2000mAh battery.
  10. sweex
    Thank you for the warning. However I already opened 3 iPods to get two working ones (and afterwards braking one of the two working ones) and I must say I found it thrilling to open a device with 3 steak knives.
    One more question though do,you think that if I order this: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/thick-metal-back-case-housing-cover-black-headphone-audio-jack-hold-switch-upgrade-2600mah-battery-for/32213584832.html
    I'll be able to fit the adapter + drive inside the iPod?
  11. WildmaN86
    I have tried all the steps and such you posted. But my 7th Generation 160gb classic still gets errors. I have the Samsung 512gb msata drive with Tarkan's adapter. Please tell me what I am doing wrong, it is driving me mad. My ipod works fine with the Apple firmware, but hits a wall when I put over 65k song on it. I want to put my whole library of 92k plus songs, so Rockbox it the only way to go. And I can't get it to work on the 7g classic nor my 5.5 generation one either. Tell me what I am doing wrong, I appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  12. WildmaN86
    It looks like I finally got it working on my 5.5 80gb iPod Video. All I did was use the Rockbox utility and select the bootloader. Then I closed the utility, and dragged and dropped the Rockbox program for 5.5, ejected the iPod and low and behold it worked! So now I am slowly filling up my 512gb msata drive.
  13. davidcotton

    Nice one!
    Just watch the battery doesn't get too low and you should be good to go.  It's recommended to do it in 30-40 gig chunks.
  14. WildmaN86
    Thanks for the tip, and the props. :)
    Yeah I am dragging a full letter of artists then letting the iPod recharge before dragging another letter. I have over 92k tracks in my music library.:D
  15. sweex

    I did that too, but I forget that iTunes puts all the compilations in one map so the letter c was a bit bigger than expected. 

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