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Jun 3, 2012
Review RHA  MA-350
Okay, today i'll be doing a review on the RHA MA-350 because i was recommending this iem a lot. Please bear with me because this is my first review ever . Please note that this iem "only" costed me £33 shipped to belgium, so don't expect world class performance out of these.
My sources for this review: iPhone 3g-->Fiio E5 and Sansa clip+ (directly out of line out or thru fiio e5)
Music is all flac or wav
So the fist unit i received had a small problem on the left strain relief, contacted rha and a week later i got my new ones. In the box you'll find the iem's itself, a velvet pouch and 3 sizes (small, medium large) of eartips these are quite good . These are built very good they are made of aluminium and the cord is made of nylon, it does have quite a lot of cable noise. The only problem that i have with these is when you put them in your ear they make a lot of pops ( i think from the driver which isn't a good thing :s) the cable ends in a 3,5mm gold plated plug, straight. There isn't to much branding on these only on the iems, cable splitter, plug. Now let's talk about the sound (you can pm me if you have any more questions about built,looks,...) straight out of the box these had almost no bass and very good trebles and mids were okay. After burning them in for 24 hours with pink noise the bass really kicked in. They now have +/- 72 hours on them and i think the sound changes the most in the first 20 minutes. The bass isn't to overpowering it's just right for jazz and just right for dub step (i personally hate that kind of music so i'll mostly use them with rock,jazz,classical) the bass doesn't go very deep but it's not overpowering and muddy like the beats by dre. I feel like the bass is the main focus of the iem's. The mids were very good the vocals were great, just outstanding for the £33 price point. The trebles were alright in balance with the rest .The overall sound is quite neutral with a little bit bass added. Soundstage isn't that big not boxed but not airy. I feel that these just kill the Klipsch Image S4 these are not as transparent but these are more neutral. And the build quality is a lot better then klipsch. I'd give these a 7/10  
Pictures are coming

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