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Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by moedawg140, Aug 25, 2015.
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  1. moedawg140 Contributor
  2. UELong
    That is my goto combo, when not near my desk.
  3. mwhals
    The QP1R and Angie II are definitely great together! I would like to add another warmer IEM for a good compliment to the Angie.
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  4. moedawg140 Contributor
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  5. Darren Cotter
    Shouldn't be promoting a companies products, when they don't give a sh!t about you, as evidenced by them not answering your emails.
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    I completely understand where you are coming from. I’ve always been more about the product, and everything else, like stellar customer service is the cherry on top. It’s up to you as the reader, to come to the personal conclusion to part with your money (or not). If you don’t like a particular company, no worries, they shouldn’t get your money. If you like the product(s) and company, then it’s all good, in my opinion.
  7. UELong
    Honestly, I've found Questyle in the form of Bruce to be both accessable and forthcoming. I love my QP1R, and if I could afford it, I'd buy the QPm when available. I also recall the above poster buying and/or selling three units, and running a blue streak of I-hate-Questyle posts. It's no wonder he may or may not get responses anymore. I try to treat my customers the best I can. But, life's too short to take abuse and unreasonableness.
    Can't wait to read your new review by the way. And I'm only one of many who's greatful for help in the past, and that you're well again.
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  8. Quadfather
    Bruce took care of me with the battery indicator fix, and I still use the QP1R.
  9. csglinux
    Good points @UELong and @Quadfather. +1 here on my happiness with Questyle and the QP1R. I also had that issue with the battery indicator, but Bruce was kind enough to repair it and supply me with a replacement unit while mine was being repaired. If fw 1.09's lower max volume is an issue, one can downgrade to 1.08, no?

    I'm not dismissing the importance of good customer support (which I think I received anyway), but I don't think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Who wants to spend their life listening to inferior SQ, just because the service reps write nicer/more regular emails?

    I've owned the iBasso DX200. @moedawg140 also heard my DX200. To both of us it sounded a little dry and boring in comparison to the QP1R, with a notable low-end roll off. Fine for classical music. But I also listen to other genres, some of which need that nice rumbly sub-bass :)

    I do like FiiO, and their firmwares are usually a couple of years ahead of their time. But therein lies the problem - releasing a firmware two years before all the bugs get ironed out. Also, most people don't seem to realize (or care) that in the switch-over of all their DAPs to touchscreen Android, all relevant measures of SQ took a significant hit. I still own the X7ii, and it does do a lot of cool tricks, but it still doesn't sound (or measure) quite as good as the QP1R. So, for me, the QP1R is still a great device for playback from local storage. Plus, look at all the other DAPs the OP has compared against in this thread!

    BTW, nice write-up on the QP2R @moedawg140!! That might actually be the next device I get. The QP Master just doesn't seem like good value for money. I maybe missing something, but it looks like I could simply upgrade from the QP2R to the QPM with my Dremel, a 4.4 mm socket and a couple of tft resistors. Not sure yet how the QPM is going to justify a 100% price increase over the 2R, but I guess we'll see...
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  10. mwhals
    6E1B8EA1-3908-4507-BD6B-08565D83D730.jpeg Listening through my JH Audio Angie II IEMs and it is lovely sounding! I might get the QP2R or the QPM if it’s price justifies it. A new IEM may come first though when I figure out what might be better than my loved Angie II, which I will not sell to finance the next IEM.
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  11. mwhals
    Ugh! Started the album at 79% battery and before it was over, the QP1R shutdown! I plugged it into power and it showed 100%. I think the battery issue finally hit me. I had not used it in a while so I might not had as many hours on mine as others that had this issue. I wonder if Questyle will fix mine this late in the game as they did the others in the past.

    Just sent @bSquared64 a private message about this issue.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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  12. Quadfather
    That is a bummer. I've had mine close to 3 years.
  13. Quadfather
    After these years, I still use this frequently.

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  14. Amber Rain
    QP Master specs up on Questyle web page:


    AKM AK4490 DAC chip
    4.4mm balanced
    Output Impedance 0.1Ω - Does this mean it won't hiss with my Shure SE846?
    As per QP2R only one memory card slot
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  15. Amber Rain
    Good luck with the repair request.

    I'm in the UK and I got first class service from Matt at SCV, mine got shipped off to China and I got a temporary replacement unit in the meantime, even though my QP1R was second hand, no quibbles. Hope the US service is as good for you.
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