[Review] Philips SHL3300 "DJ" Headphones - Most Underrated Headphone?
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I bought the Philips SHL3300 as an impulse buy when they were on sale because of the good reviews. The stock pads suck and hurt pressed on the ear instead of around the ear. They sounded like crap so I tried some velour pads and they still sounded like crap as all the bass got sucked out without a good seal. I put the stock pads back on and the Philips SHL3300 sat in a drawer, unused for a couple of years.

I found and read this thread recently and followed the directions to take off the orange grille. I then ordered $13 thick oval leather (pleather?) pads from Amazon titled, "Tranesca Leather Replacement earpad/Ear Cushion/Ear Cover for Big OVEREAR Headphones (Fits a Great Variety of Headphones) - Black" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XRH8WPJ/

transeca thick pads.jpg
Now they fit around the ear with so much comfort.
As so many have already attested to, the highs opened up with the grille removed. So far, I have maybe $30 to $40 invested and yet they sound like a much pricier headphones. Perhaps they might compete with $100 to $150 headphones. They even sound better than Cooler Master MH-751/MH-752.
Now they sound AMAZING! The bass is deep and I can feel the headphone pushing in and out from the suspension of these thick pads that seal them to my head.
The next obstacle was the hard headband hurting my head. I read somewhere that someone used a seatbelt cover from their vehicle. I
scavenged mine out of my vehicle because it serves no purpose and only gets in the way when using a seatbelt. So now with no more painful head, here is how it looks.IMG_8830.jpg
The cable is still in good condition since this headphone has never seen much use until now. I ordered the recommended 3.5 jacks from China today, October 19, 2020 on eBay coming from China. The scheduled arrival is January 6, 2021. I think the stock cable should last me three months until the jacks arrive. The jacks total cost including shipping was only US $4.06 for twenty pieces. Can't beat that price.
And now it doesn't even look close to stock
So is the sound and comfort
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@Slater Have you ever faced bad connection after the cable mod? I ask that because recently both of my SHL3300s started having a bad connection where the sound of the right channel keeps getting silent with the slightest motion, like moving my head or tugging the cable, even gently. I have to constantly fiddle around with the phone connector, twisting or bending the relief to restablish the sound to right earcup. I tested a higher quality cable from Ugreen, but same result, so I'm sure it's the phone jack or wiring and not the cable. It's so annoying that it made the headphones pretty much unusable.

Today I opened up one of them to inspect, but all wires were still firmly soldered to the pins, including the red wire which carries the right channel signal. I even replaced the 3.5mm jack, but the issue persists, which leads me to believe that the culprit is the jack itself, as there is sound to the right channel when there's proper connection. For some reason the connection with the right channel, which according to your drawing is the segment between the rings in a conventional P2/TRS plug, is very flimsy.

Would have any idea on how to fix this issue?I love the sound of these cans so much and I really don't want to discard them if there's a hope of a repair. Even more now with current prices of audio gear, there are no headphones that sound as good as these in the same price range, heck even cans that cost twice as much don't sound this good.
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Good news folks, the issue of the sound failing in the right driver was cable's fault, and both of them. I bought cheap Motorola headphones (Pulse Max) that came with an auxiliary cable with thin 3.5mm plugs, and it works fine on both of my SHL3300s, so happy now.

However, I need to replace earpads (HM5 style)m because the pleather strip on the back that is tucked in the gap to fit was peeling and lost it rigidity, turning the pads loose. Does anyone know thicker earpads on AliExpress that fit the SHL3300? I don't live in the US so Ebay and Amazon are not viable options. I measured mine and the inner diametre is ~65mm, the outer diametre is ~105mm and the thickness is ~25mm. I'm looking for pads like these:

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Hello, I need to tear down my SHL3300s to replace the cable but I don't see any screws inside.
Hello, there are no screws, you need to pry the cups open with a flat screwdriver or similar tool. Some or all tabs will be broken, but you can easily glue them back with epoxy/hot glue. Here's a very detailed tutorial that @Slater posted, I created a PDF from it for easier consultation:

Philips SHL3300 cable mod instructions
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Keeping the thread alive, I bought new thicc pads and an auxiliary cable that solved the issue of loose connection in the right driver. The pads diametre is 100mm and they fit very tightly in the drivers gaps. The bass is so much louder now that I even thought I had equalizer on, I didn't imagine pads could alter bass response this much.

The cable is made by Vention, and the connector housing is way thinner than the Ugreen one, which makes it also fit perfectly in my smartphone jack with a protective case.

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