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REVIEW: Comparison of 5 High End Digital Music Servers - Aurender N10, CAD CAT server, TotalDac d1-Server, Auralic Aries, Audiophile Vortex Box

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by romaz, Nov 9, 2015.
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  1. astrostar59
    Congrats on your new DAC! Looks good. Did you demo a TotalDAC6?

    On servers, the W20 is old and expensive, but is well built. You could buy used. There are some threads on WBF about the SGM server beating the W20. If you can update it to run your system going forward.
    I am nervous about the Aurender APP, how good it is. I like Roon and would probably insist any server can run that flawlessly. You probably won't be up sampling with your DAC? So processing power or HQ player may not be required. That takes the need for super power and the heat problems that causes. Thus a cheaper server option could sound just as good as long as the power supply and USB or other output is very well designed. In other words you probably don't need a W20 for a great sound.


    The TotalDAC server or the Lampizator server are good value for the sound quality.

    But you may be best building your own if you want value for money and the ability to updated, change out parts etc. I nearly got an Aurender but decided to stick with what i can tweak instead.

    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
  2. Whazzzup
    Total dac 7 for that matter, or la scala formula
  3. nepherte
    @bmichels and I heard the Totaldac d1-six and SGM. The latter left me rather unimpressed (and I believe the same goes for Bertrand). I am rather curious how he ranks the Denafrips vs the Totaldac :) I should probably see if I can get a demo here in Singapore. Should be easy as this is where the worldwide distributor resides.

    Edit: was even more unimpressed with the La Scala (which was hooked up to the SGM).
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
  4. bmichels
    I was tempted by the W20, but I discovered that... the 2 AES connectors of my DAC do not support dual mode AES/EBU. And also my DAC does not have Clock input.

    So, I wonder if, without use of the dual mode AES/EBU and the Clock input, will the W20 still offer an advantage over the N10, or if, with my DAC configuration, will the N10 will sound as good as the W20 ?

    The N10 is indeed much more recent than the W20 that is quite aging now...
  5. Fredoo
    Hi Bmichels, out of curiosity: what do you find appealing on the N10/W20? For the budget there might be other options to consider.
  6. Whazzzup
    Im going to let a week pass before i put any formal thoughts about antipodes DX on the DX server thread but this is one impressive rich wide source. Any mid harshness or thinness is gone yet detail is even more acute than DTGS, how is that possible? How can you get rich and define and be wide. But nothing seems whackey... Any rate didn't want to spout to much only in day 2.
  7. bmichels
    Well, I am not totaly sold to ROON, and I like the convenience of a 1 box solution...

    can you please tell me what you have on mind when you mention "other options to consider" ?
  8. Whazzzup
    What hasn't sold you on roon?
  9. Fredoo
    I thought the Aurender wouldn't be quite cheap, now I just saw the W20 and N10 price tag.. gulp!

    I've been in a similar situation, very recently I have been searching for an one box solution (direct feed to the DAC, no other boxes/gizmo's/psu's).

    Long story short, my top 3 was:
    - The Linear Solution - THE ONE server (http://thelinearsolution.com/one_server.html)
    - PinkFaun - 2.16 server (https://www.pinkfaun.nl/index.php/producten/streaming-audio/pink-faun-streamer-2-16.htm)
    - Antipodes - CX (http://antipodesaudio.com/antipodes-cx.html)

    In the end I ordered the TLS One Server. In my opinion the TLS and PF offer the best proposition and bang for buck (partly thanks to their direct sales). As always your personal taste and specific requirements can result in a entirely other list (ie when you prefer buying/selling via a traditional Hifi dealer, software, ..). So it all depends.. Nevertheless I hope this is somehow helpful for you. More detail of 'my journey' and considerations are described here: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/...s-the-one-server/?tab=comments#comment-832686.

    ps. If you live in (or close to) The Netherlands, perhaps you can visit the X-fi premium audio show in September? I believe PinkFaun and 432 EVO are present to get a first acquaintance / impression. Last year the 432 EVO was one of my favourite rooms, also thanks to the amazing speakers ánd a properly treated room.
  10. astrostar59
    Fredoo, how much is your server?
  11. Fredoo
    From the first contact I told TLS/Adrian upfront all communication will remain private. I want to keep my word.
    I don't know if this should be considered as confidential, but it's not up to me to make it public.
    You best can contact TLS if you're interested.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  12. toetapaudio
    @Fredoo thanks for the reminder about X-fi, tempting to get to that. How do you think SMG might compare with the servers you mentioned?
  13. Fredoo
    Hi, I didn’t consider the SMG, it’s out of my price range.
    Cheers, Fred
  14. bmichels
    thanks a lot Fredoo for your adsvices. I understood that you finally choosed The ONE server. is it correct ?

    Could you tell us about their Dream OS ? is it really something really special ? in what sense ?
  15. Fredoo

    By no means I want to suggest I'm an expert, for a useful description you can best have a look at:
    Official description: http://thelinearsolution.com/one_server.html
    Here you can find a first hand experience: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/...reaming/?page=359&tab=comments#comment-860030
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