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Replacement for SHURE SE315

  1. halcyon
    I guess I'm a peculiar daily IEM user, compared to most other requesters here. I like universals as opposed to customs (too many details to go into) and I use several different IEMs. I already have a high(er) end set I use that for musical enjoyment in proper situations.

    However, my daily IEM driver for gym, biking, calls, podcasts and phone use must fulfil the following requirements:

    - Plastic shell (no metals, I live above arctic circle, putting freezing metal into your ear is not nice)
    - non-protruding shell, flush to ears (more comfortable to wear with ear muffs, wool caps, helmets, etc). This also helps vs wind noise when biking (lower wind resistance)
    - Must have a thin nozzle that fits Comply P-series long isolation foam tips. Comply Compatility chart lists the IEMs that fit the P-series (same as 100 Core compatible).
    - MMCX replaceable cables for easy replacement (I go through a cable in 2-4 months, regardless of maker/quality).
    - sturdy, can take a beating
    - sweat resistant (i.e. properly sealed)

    Shure SE-series fits the above requirement. My last pair broke, when I stepped on the left IEM and the MMCX cable connector broke insider the IEM MMCX connector (can't remove the bit inside, the IEMs are now useless).

    So, I'm looking for a replacement in the below $500USD/500€ price range. This is a daily tool, so it doesn't has to be the absolute pinnacle of musicality, but it has to fulfil the above requirements. I don't want to pay a lot more, because I've already lost a my daily pair of Westones that cost $600 (too expensive to break/lose many pairs of these). I did like the Westone sound a lot though.

    I used to love the Phonak Audeo series, but unfortunately they are not made anymore (and had no repleable cable, I went through 3 of those pairs just because the cable broke -- too expensive in the end.)

    I've been searching alternatives high and low, but I can't find many.

    I guess could just buy a new SE315 pair (150€ locally), or even SE535 (330€ locally), but I wonder if there's anything else out there.

    Anybody else in the same or similar boat -- looking for Shure SE -replacement?
  2. yong_shun
    SE535 will be a good upgrade - The new packaging will come with Bluetooth cable that give you an option to go for wireless when you are doing active sports outdoor. Could be a good consideration point :)
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  3. halcyon
    Thanks! Will consider SE535. I don't really like BT (personal pref), but yeah, better sound would be welcome.
  4. halcyon
    How about Westone W30 or UM Pro 30 ? MMCX and fits the Comply P-Series.

    How sturdy are the Westone series these days?
  5. yong_shun
    UM Pro Series is more analytical while W series is more musical. I would say W30 will have a more similar sound signature to SE535. UM Pro 30 is darker as compared to 2 of them. Both of them are using Comply size 100 foam tips so no worries!
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  6. serman005
    You might read about the IT01 and see what you think. I am able to sleep in mine and they are comfy. Would save you some money. This IEM outperforms its price-point in my opinion. Really solid and with a terrific cable.
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  7. halcyon
    Thanks, had not checked the iBass range.

    Do you know if the MMCX connector on IT01 has been fixed? I put in and take out my IEMS daily A LOT, so the MMCX has to be bulletproof (it is on the Shure SE series).
  8. serman005
    I don't. I have had zero issues with mine. Connections are secure and snug. I take good care of mine and it seems they are going to last. :) I wonder how well people complaining have cared for theirs??
  9. yong_shun
    Could be caused by deeper MMCX port as compared to Shure which is on the surface of the IEM. I faced some difficulties in removing IT04 but after I master the skill then it is a lot easier.
  10. halcyon
    Thanks. I don't need IEMs that need taking care of delicately. I need daily beaters that can be tossed in pocket, gym bag, etc. So far Shure's have handled these well (tips, shell, connector). Just replace cable & foam tips as they wear out.

    But good to hear IT01 should have no issues with MMCX, thanks!
  11. VAS07
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  12. halcyon
    Looks interesting, but for me, this kills it "machined aluminum-magnesium alloy rear shell," I live above the arctic circle. Inserting something metal into your ear when it's -20C cold outside - well, let's just say that I use plastic shell IEMs now ::)

    I'm sure they are nice, but not for me.
  13. VAS07
    Oh...well...-20C ok I understand. Then your best bet will be with Shure SE535, or Westone W40, umPro30, 1 More Quad driver iem, FiiO F9, RHA T20i, Sennheiser IE80s.
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  14. heeeraldo
    if you like the SE315s, maybe check to see what out of warranty replacement for the broken earbud would be; my other half stepped on one of my SE535s and it was $92 US to replace the bud instead of $700 CAD to get a new set?
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  15. halcyon
    Thanks for all the recs, I'll look into these. Plenty of options!

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