Replace my q-jays by a portable headphone
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Aug 25, 2008
Hi everyone,

I actually own a rockboxed sansa Fuze player, a FiiO amps (a little little better than the integrated amp of the Fuze) and a pair of Q-Jays IEM. I listen only to music encoded in flac format. I also own a Sennheiser HD650 for home use only.

I must admit that i am very happy with this intras, but there are two problems that are coming over time:
- The first one, the q-jays cable is really awful and in 6 months there are micro cracks near the speakers. I really think that they will not last for another 6 months !!
- The second one, i am working in an open space and when i am wearing the q-jays i do not hear anything more (good on one side.. but bad when I a colleague want to speak with me).

I am looking for a headphone maybe like a Sennheiser PX 100 or 200 or something like that. My budget is about 150$ and I am looking for something "musical" and portable (and hopefully so good than the q-jays in sound quality)...

A big thank in advance for all your advices !!

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$150. in all honesty, I'd get on ebay and try for a pair of Sennheiser HD25-1's. The new Ultrasone Zino, seems to be going down well.
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Hello, I would prefer something more comfortable than the HD25. I have tried it, the sound is really great, but the headphone sticks really hard on the head (I have a big head ^^).

Never heard of the zino, I will explore it. The hardest thing will be to try different models without buying them :wink: (I live in switzerland)

Maybe to orient more the advice, I am principally hearing jazz or ambient (sort of electronic new age music for does who don't know).

Thanks in advance

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