Removing tips from ER4-P's
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Jul 17, 2005

I received my ER4-P's the other day, and I love them! I have been using the small tri-flanges that were already on the 'phones when they came. Though, I'd like to take them off and try the foamies. I'm sort of scared to take the flanges off! I don't want to break the stem. Any suggestions on how I should do this?

Also, which eartips tend to provide better quality? Is this just based on the seal you get?
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My flanges slide on and off without any problems.

Just make sure you hold the stem and not the cable and don't use any sideways pressure and you should be right.

I've never tried the foamies, but I've heard they do sound different, and they definitely feel different. I'd expect that a proper seal would be the biggest influence on the sound though.

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All the tips have slight variations in sound but the biggest part is always the seal. With a poor seal they are always going to sound bad.
May 26, 2009 at 1:17 PM Post #6 of 6 aware, i found when putting the foamies on the ER4Ps, they fit tiiight!
i wouldn't recommend any twisting motion then.
just push the foamies directly on, using constant, straight pressure, just enough to begin them sliding on.

i found the foamies tamed the brighness a bit, and are more comfortable.
in short, simply WONDERFUL!! =)

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