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Recommended 6.5" 2.0 Speakers for Music?

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  1. spaceman5

    I would like to buy a new set of 2.0 Speakers.
    They will be used for Near Field listening of music (coming from the computer),
    and I would like to buy speakers that their woofer is 6.5", not less than that.

    Can anyone please recommend me something that will give a good sound quality?

    My listening preference is more to low and mid frequencies, and less to high frequencies..

    Thank you all
  2. DadBod
    Totem Sky
    Dynaudio Excite X14
    Paradigm Studio 20 (V4 or V5)
    I'm in Canada and the first two can be found used for $1200-1500 CAD but the Studio is around $600-800 CAD

    All three are superb, especially the Totem Sky.
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  3. spaceman5
    Thank you..

    I am looking to buy new, not used..

    These seem like quite expensive..
    Can you please recommend a 2.0 pair that is 6.5" and in a more moderate price? (for new)
  4. DadBod
    Sorry I don't know any specific 6.5" cheaper speakers. Why are you dedicated to 6.5"? The totem sky only has a 5" driver but delivers deeper bass than most lower end, bigger woofer speakers. It's the quality of the driver and cabinet construction that makes the big difference.

    I'd look at the Totem Mite, or SVS Ultra if I were you.

    Good luck! I'm sure someone else has something to add! There are thousands of choices out there!
  5. spaceman5
    It's true that the quality of the driver, and the cabin etc also affect,
    but my experience is better with larger diameter drivers.
    6.5" seems big enough, for near field listening..
  6. kid vic
    +1 on all of that!

    OP needs to state actual price range desired. Mt suggestion for that would be Mackie MR624, should be right up your alley in terms of price and sound signature. OP should also specify whether passive or active is preferred.
  7. spaceman5
    Thank you kid vic for the recommendation,
    I will go and listen to Mackie MR624 soon..

    You're right.

    I think the area of 400$ should be a reasonable price for this..
    Regarding passive to active, I am flexible.. both are OK.
  8. kid vic
    Carefull, even with vintage amps passive speakers can double your price. Also, it'll be harder because your avoiding used.
  9. spaceman5
    Really? ~400$ is not a reasonable amount to pay for good sound?
    One would expect that with all the price drops that we see in electronics, during the years (due to competition, eastern mfrrs, etc), it would be a good amount for a good 2.0 set..
  10. spaceman5
    BTW, why did you mention specifically vintage amplifiers?
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    KRK Rokit 6. Just trim down the gain knob on the tweeters' amp channels so you hear more of the bass and lower mids.
  12. Monsterzero
    Modern big box gear is mass produced with a thousand bells and whistles crammed into a small enclosure. With all the extras forced in there, actual sound quality is often sacrificed.

    Vintage gear was made to perform one duty only,make music sound good. Period.
    If you were to spend 400.00 on a new amp/receiver vs. the same amount on a vintage piece,the SQ difference would greatly surprise you.
  13. spaceman5

    And sad..

    BTW, I do prefer Class AB Amplifiers, over Class D amplifiers..
  14. gimmeheadroom
    JBL Control 5

    But no 6.5 incher is going to be really all that for bass...
  15. spaceman5

    What do you mean? that one should buy a subwoofer in addition?
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