Recommendations for sub $40-60 IEM's?
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Aug 31, 2014
Hello all! Been 6 years since my last visit to Head-Fi, and frankly not caught up with anything at all, and I need your help. My most recent pair of earphones by Blon broke in one ear so I'm looking for a replacement.

What I'm looking for is pretty straight-forward. Something that I can loop over my ear so that I can use casually in the gym and on the job without them falling out of my ear (Not like the traditional ear-bud, those always seem to fall out of my ears). Also preferably set up with a microphone/pause button cable. If I have to pay extra for that then that is fine.

My preferences for audio (I think? A little bit rusty on this haha) is good soundstage and powerful sub-bass that does not affect the clarity of the music.
I listen to primarily EDM.

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KZ ZS10 Pro is about $51 on amazon, I own a pair and really dig the fit and sound. Most secure out of my IEMs, out of the box. Optional microphone cable. It's got that fun V sound for sure, nice boomy bass that (to my ears) is strong without being muddy, and a non-fatiguing trebble. Liked it so much I bought a pair for my brother.

Generally my go-to for work and general usage, even though I have some much nicer IEMs (now including Moondrop Stellaris and the Moondrop Kato, have not updated my profile in a bit). For me these fit the best out of the bunch, easy to get a good seal without fiddling. I do not have the microphone cable, so I can't really speak to that bit. If you bump the price down to $25 I can vouch for the Kbear KS2's as well, about the same sound signature but lower sound quality/clarity (and also with optional microphone cable). Hard to complain given the price point, as they were my go-to before I bought the ZS10 Pro.
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I have a pair of Moondrop Chu that are really quite something for $20 ($22 with microphone which I do not have and can't say anything about). Love the bass, and all around very clean sounding with good detail and easy to listen to. They are however quite tiny, in case you have large ears, but that's good for me since I have tiny ears.

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