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Recommendation - Over-Ear Headphones for BTE Hearing Aid User

  1. meeps
    Hey Head-Fiers, I need a recommendation for Over-Ear headphones with wide diameter & deep cups.

    Back story:
    I've been a music lover as long as I can remember, and have always felt it as a part of my identity. I've dabbled with audiophilia (restored vintage speakers, played with vinyl, spent a few dollars on headphone setups), but can no longer appreciate music like I had in the past and mostly avoid active listening now-a-days.

    I lost hearing in my right ear beginning of November 2017; the only explanation given was as a 'virus attacked the inner ear'. I can still hear lows, but once it moves towards mid frequencies my ear becomes useless (highs are gone). After 6 months navigating the stages of grief, I finally accepted this new reality and acquired hearing aids. At this point I felt okay trying to actively listen again, but I realized my headphones aren't large enough to accommodate BTE hearing aids... so I need some larger cans.

    TLDR Backstory:
    Recently added BTE hearing aids to the collection... headphone setup no longer fits without pain.

    What're some cans that would be comfortable while wearing BTE hearing aids? Not looking to spend a fortune since I won't be able to fully appreciate them, but I would enjoy something with a fun soundstage.

    For reference, I'll be coming from using Oppo PM-3 cans paired with Oppo HA-2SE dac/amp. I'd still like to use the HA-2SE, since there isn't a fit issue there.
  2. serman005
    It is a little hard to know for sure without measuring your ear, the BTE, and the inner rim on the cup. That said, I was just playing with my HD598 and I think it might work for you. It is fairly spacious and perhaps more importantly, has a very low clamp force, so that if the cup presses on the rear of the BTE, say, (which it may well) it should still be fairly comfortable. Or so I am imagining. If you have access to amazon, it might be worth a try and you could then just return them if it does not work for you. You did not mention whether you were seeking open or closed and the HD598 is obviously an open headphone. I am sure there are other options but this is what immediately comes to my mind. Some thoughts. FWIW.
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  3. meeps
    Got some measurements! 2.5"x1.5"x7/8" (HxWxD), this is while wearing the BTE hearing aids which fully hide behind the ear.

    And right, I did forget to mention can construction. Historically I've used closed cans as they've been better at blocking out noise at work and in transit... but I think open cans might be appropriate this time since I'm focusing on comfort (and I'd enjoy a larger sound stage). I'd also want the ability to swap cups and cables (the PM-3's do not allow for cup replacement).

    I appreciate your initial thoughts serman005, I'll look into the HD598s.
  4. meeps
    I read a bit about the HD598s and it seems they have a fairly flat sound signature, is this true?

    I used to be partial to flat, but at this time I think a desire a bit more character especially in the low end, since my SSD ear can still pick up those frequencies. Would you be able to recommend something that fits this new criterion?

    Side note, the HD598 color scheme looks like it was influenced by Noctua products https://noctua.at/ :laughing:
  5. trellus
    The HD 559 is reputed to have more bass than the HD 598, and is essentially the same form factor as far as the ear cups and pads. I don't own the 559, I have the 558 which I read doesn't have quite the bass of the 559, I did have the HD 518 which is an older model and has more prominent bass than the HD 558 I now have.
  6. meeps
    Thanks @trellus - I'll look into these too.

    Something I'm realizing is how much I really enjoyed the detail and character of the PM-3's (them being planar magnetic and all). My initial impressions of these cans was how they reminded me of the warmth, detail, and depth my Boston Acoustics A150s provide while also giving an 'in your head' soundstage similar to IEMs. I'd love it if I could find something similar but paired with the comfort criterions (there is the PM-1s but they're out of budget, and Oppo is seemingly closing up shop).
  7. meeps
    Figured I'd add some reference material:
    Kiasmos - Paused (Stimming Remix)
    Nils Frahm - Sunson
    Kamasi Washington - Truth
    Amazarashi - Sora Ni Utaeba
    Animals As Leaders - Tempting Time
    Beroshima - Polyphonication
    The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open
    Grimace Federation - Bosico (Butchered by Aesop Rock)
    Kishi Bashi - Why Don't You Answer Me
    Rival Consoles - Pattern of the North
  8. serman005
    Check out a Fidelio X2. It could not be more different than your PM-3, but it has the comfort piece and it also has significant bass slam--especially for an open headphone. It might work.

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