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Recommendation for electronic music producer (using headphones): I need a new DAC

  1. beyermann
    Currently I have an AK1 and I hate it because the plugs are so ****. This has been happening for a couple of years and tired of having to wiggle the headphone cable until it sounds OK again.

    As far as AK1 replacement goes the one that I liked the most that i've researched is the 6i6 by Focusrite. I can connect my Adam monitors there, put my DT 770 for night production, and have on the other headphone plug some regular earbuds for youtube viewing and and so on.

    What other similar DACs can you recommend?

    Budget is below 500€

    I don't need anything insanely fancy, I think it's a waste of money tbh, i've got pretty far with the AK1 and a ****ty studio, but now it's time to upgrade the DAC.

    Btw the DT770 is the manufaktur one when they used to let you customize it, it's the 600 ohm version. The AK1 drives it really well, sound is crisp and clean, loudness all you would ever need etc. The AK1 was surprisingly good sound wise, too bad built quality size it seems like a toy.
  2. serman005
    If you are looking not to spend a whole ton of money, you might check out and read about a Modi Multibit. It sounds terrific IMO and it is a very good value. Just my take and YMMV, of course.
  3. beyermann
    That's too small. I need to be able to plug my Adam monitors too even if I don't use them as much:


    So i need some TRS outputs, and some midi ins and outs too would be handy in the future if I finally buy an Eventide machine for uber sound processing.

    You want to have some extra goodies in your DAC, not just to plug the headphones.
  4. serman005
    Ah--got it. :)
  5. beyermann
    I was considering the Steinberg UR44. Anyone?
  6. buke9
    With midi you are not looking for a dac. You are looking for recording equipment. Yes they have both have it but not the same as headphone equipment .
  7. Bio-Rhythm
  8. beyermann
    Not really I just want to be able to plug my headphones, my adam monitors, a couple gear that can be connected in the line/midi jacks.. not much else. Pretty sure the UR44 is under "DAC" in steinberg's website.

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