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[Reccomendation Needed] Cable Retermination - Bay Area

  1. TypodCrowd
    Hey guys alright need a little help. I have a Blue Dragon cable from Moon audio for my Mr. speakers Alpha Primes, terminated with a 6.3mm (or 1/4 inch, don't snap at me not using your disliked form of measurement :frowning2: ) plug.

    I intend to have this swapped out to a 3.5mm balanced (trrs) plug so that I can enjoy it with my Go2Pro.

    I've contacted Moon audio about this and they've quoted me for ~$35. Does anyone know whether there might be somoene local to the Bay Area (CA) that might be able to do this for me more quickly/for a little cheaper?

    I'd also be willing to do it myself if you guys have any cheap (quick shipping) 3.5mm trrs plug suggestions, but I don't want to lose out on sq just because I did a shotty solder job or used the wrong type of solder, so I'd prefer to have someone do it for me.
  2. buke9
    Was going to recommend BTG Audio as they were located in the Bay Area but it looks as they have moved to Texas . Shouldn’t be that hard to do yourself if you have a soldering iron the type of solder shouldn’t make much of a difference. You will need a multimeter also to make sure of the correct pin out.
  3. TypodCrowd
    Sweet! Any suggestions on 3.5mm trrs plugs?
  4. buke9
    If you don’t have a lot of experience soldering these connectors they can be a bit tricky. I was thinking of a trs connector and not a trrs connector as these can be a bit more difficult to solder. Sorry didn’t mean to mislead you. Not that it can’t be done just takes a bit more patience. Prep is everything on these as they can go like a dream or make you pull your hair out. As for connectors there is not a lot from the typical makers as this is not a common connector. Just Google 3.5mm connectors and you will see most of them. Most of the connectors I use for my stuff is Neutrik or Eidolic and doesn’t look like Neutrik makes a 3.5mm Trrs and the Eidolic is expensive at $12.50 for the 3.5mm trrs plug. Not sure what connectors Moon uses but not be a bad deal if you get some kind of warranty. There are a lot of connectors that go from 2 to 6 dollars if you want to give it a shot. I have made a couple of cables for Mr Speakers headphones as I made a balanced xlr cable for Alpha Dogs and a portable cable for my Ether C’s. The Hirose connector the one that connects to the cups is a bitch as it is so small but not a big problem just takes a bit of patience also. I haven’t had a lot of experience with the barrel connectors but do have a friend that does this for a living and I could get some pointers for you if you do want to tackle yourself? Me personally I would give it a shot as what is the worst that happens you would have to send it out to be done.
  5. TypodCrowd
    Sounds good - I have a little experience with soldering and such. Was actually contemplating using the Hirose Connectors to removable-cable mod my stax but I'm about to replace them so that might not be the best idea.

    I've been digging through Digikey and Mouser - seems they have slightly (but not notably) more than nothing for my needs. Moon won't give a warranty I don't think on something like this.
    I also need a set of custom cables for my Etymotics so I might end up makign that happen all together - we'll see.

    As for doing it myself - I'd like to give it a shot it's just picking the right balanced plug that's giving me a bit of a hastle
  6. buke9
    I don’t think I would do the cable mod on the Stax as they have a capacitive to the cables that might have something to do with their performance .
  7. buke9
    Most Stax have permanent cables so not sure what your wanting to do there.
  8. TypodCrowd
    Oh I was looking to mod the earspeaker to give em removable connectora
  9. eycheng
    Bumping this thread up. I'm also looking for re-termination in the SF Bay Area. I want to change my Danacable Lazuli Reference Hifiman (2.5mm) to 3.5mm. Any recommendations would be most appreciated.
  10. TypodCrowd

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