RE1, Image X10, or maybe RE0?
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Nov 19, 2008
Looking for a new pair of IEM's, was planning on getting a pair of RE1's.
Of course now that I have the money for them I see that there are now new RE0's. And then looking around 50% off Klipsch phones? I like the what I read about those too.

Deep rich bass and lack of sibilance are some of the main things that draw me to these phones In particular.

Right now I am leaning towards the Images, mainly because of the massive price hack. I do have a headsix portable amp though, so I should be able to do well with the RE1's too.

The RE0's are a real uknown for me at the moment though.

As you can see I'm struggling here and need some comments or suggestions from those with more knowledge than me.

My setup is a 5g ipod with LOD to a headsix amp. I listen to a wide variety of music from electronica to rock to classical and opera and most things in between. I look forward to your comments.
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Nov 12, 2008
Well, I think you'd be crazy right now to not go with some Klipsch IEMs if you have the cash. 50% off is unheard of.

Rundown of 50% off Klipsch IEMs:

X-5 ($125): A lot like the X-10, but cleaner, more analytical response.
Custom 3 ($150): The most clean and analytical sound offered by Klipsch. Some people report the fit is awkward.
X-10 ($175): The most "fun, non-analytical" sound offered by Klipsch, with deep, pleasing bass and a rich, "lush" sound.

Basically, if you want comfort and great sound, I'd go with the X-5's. If you want a phone with superior sound but the potential problem of getting used to the fit (Although many have reported they had no problems whatsoever as well), I'd go with the Custom 3. If you like your music with deep, heavy bass, the X-10 is your best bet.
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Dec 14, 2006
Hi there. I consider the RE0 remarkably superior than the RE1. The RE0 have the best treble I have heard in any portable headphone, while I heard better bass (especially in depth, where the Etys are better) and mids (the babystax are the king, here). The RE0 are my second favourite IEM after the Apuresound-recabled Ety ER4P.
All the other IEMs in my signature (included the and the SE530 -I don't like the latter at all) fall short.

I have ordered a pair of Klipsch Image X10, and I hope that they exceed the RE0 as far as bass and mids go. I don't expect the X10 to be as good as the RE0 in treble, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.
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Nov 15, 2008
I'm using my X10s unamped (waiting for iBasso T4) with my Cowon D2 and find the sound definately warm and on the bassier side, yet still detailed. The biggest reason why I went with the X10 was the comfort. There is no exaggeration with what people have said with regards to the comfort. I've completely forgotten I'm wearing them. The sale ends soon I believe however, so if you decide on any Klipsch products be sure to order before the code expires.

As others have said, Klipsch is probably the best deal. 50% is simply too good of a deal.
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Apr 10, 2006
I was on the fence between the X10 and the RE0/RE1. I went with the X10 because of the 50% off sale and have been using them for about three days. I would recommend the X10 only if you find IEM's to be uncomfortable and irritating. IEM's get mixed reactions on this front from a lot of users. I find my Shure's to be really irritating to the ear canal after any extended listening (>30 minutes). A decent sized minority have the same problem. If you don't have this problem, your money will be better spent on another IEM.

My sense is that Klipsch sacrificed sound quality to make the X10 as light and as comfortable as possible. The sound quality of the X10 is not especially good. They are not strong contenders in detail, air, and weight, and they need to be played at a high volume level to sound good. Even then, they will not come close to competing with similarly priced full-size cans. (I am not even sure they compete with my PX100's, which cost $50). Personally, I am happy with them for portable listening because I needed some comfortable IEM's. But I would probably try another IEM first. If you find them irritating, send them back and buy the X10.
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Jun 23, 2008
If you're considering the X10, you might as well add in the nuforce iem into the mix. It only costs around $50, but it's getting high praise from many head-fiers. Headphoneaddict even put it on equal grounds with the X10 which is three times more expensive.
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May 11, 2004
Mid Johor, Malaysia
I am pretty much talking out of my memory since my audition of X10 is almost 6 months ago (so don't take my comment too seriously), but for what it worths: X10's SQ resemble SA6 but more refined. It is indeed a 'fun, non-analytical, lush sounding IEM with deeper (than SA6) bass.' One of the main reason X10 turned me off was the high price tag back than. It just didn't seem to justify the almost 1/3 higher price (compared to SA6) for a merely refinement. For those price (back than), I would rather spend on SE530 or TF10 (or even RE0) which IMO is better than X10 (and I did). However, since the price has gone 1/2 down for the holiday, I guess X10 might just be a good choice, at least when the discount lasts. It probably all boils down to taste: Prefer fun and musical? I'll pick X10. Have an amp and want something more neutral? My pick is RE0.

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