re0 warranty issue
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Aug 15, 2009
i've bought a pair or re0's from head director on ebay in september of 2009

and a few months later in december the left earpiece stopper working... just like that...

since they are still in warranty i have sent them to customer service to get a replacement... giving them the tracking number and page of the package

now it's been a month and half since i've sent the earphones and i assume they have reached the destination...

a few minutes ago i received an e-mail from customservice telling me they can't track the package because they cannot go on the specific web page to track the shipment (china censuring the net and all... not that they could trace alot seeing that there is no info on the status of the shipment outside of my country...)

now i've sent them a little complaint asking them if they are customer service or if they are "do it yourself customer service"

and now i just dunno what to do... they should have received my pack by now...
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If they can't access the tracking page, try taking a screenshot of it and sending that to them. It may not show delivery, but it'll at least show that you mailed it to them.

You can also try contacting Fang (Nankai) directly as he represents Head-Direct here on Head-Fi.
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yes i have though about sending a print of the page, just like i already sent them of the paypal transaction

i will also try and get in touch with fang as you suggested, thank you kind sir

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