RCA interconnect suggestions
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I'm contemplating replacing all of my RCA cables (monoprice and seismic audio) with something a little more grown up but I dont want to spend a fortune as I have about 6 cables to replace. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations it would be much appreciated.
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I usually buy RCA and XLR patch cables from pro audio shops. The cable and connectors seem to be better quality and they're not expensive. On some sites you can read reviews from people working with the cables in studios or on the road and filter out the ones that fall apart or have other issues.

Disclaimer, I don't believe cables have sound.
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Hi @DrGonzo11,

I agree with @gimmeheadroom, pro audio shops are good places to get affordable cables which perform way above their price point...
Most pro audio shops will either have their own brand comprised from the brands mentioned below or they will have said cables able to be custom built to any length.

Usually, in no particular order, I find the following pro audio brands give good results & value for money :

Canare Cables
Van Damme Cables
Neutrik or Rean connectors(strudy)

But if you feel you need a more hi-fi style cable, Inakustik Premium cables are a good affordable option.

Subjectively & personally, I will say while I do agree cables do affect sound tuning to varying degrees, it is highly debatable as the price increases so diminishing returns do very much apply...
Ongoing pandemic aside, try to demo when possible.

Hope this all makes sense, feel free to ask more if you need.

Hope you have a great day !
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But if you feel you need a more hi-fi style cable, Inakustik Premium cables are a good affordable option.

I'm kinda meh on Inakustik. Their HQ is in Germany (next door) so they're pretty widely available here but I have to say I don't think the price/quality ratio is good and it gets worse as you go up in their tiers. I would recommend avoiding that and looking for vendors on ebay who have 100% ratings. There are numerous good shops making custom cables for very fair prices. The cable and connector choices should be stated clearly and they make the length(s) you want.

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