Rate The Last Movie You Watched
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The Pianist - 8.5/10

That was a good movie, albeit a bit dreary..Adrian Brody was great.
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Drag Me To Hell - 7/10

Nice to see Raimi's return to horror, this one is reminiscent of the Evil Dead series with many gross out scenes and combining horror with hilarious.. the only real downside is that it's a bit predictable.. edit: and Justin Long.
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haeundae - 8/10
watched it at amc theater in my town. i became interested in korean movies ever since i watched "old boy".
haeundae is about a beach city of south korea getting hit by a tsunami.
even tho the cgi effects were not as good as those high-budget american movies, this one had a good plot and great acting by the main characters.
i recommend it highly.

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