Rank the Headphone Amps that you own
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Mar 21, 2011
"Rank the Headphones that You Own." thread was created for a long time and greatly contributed by everyone so i think it's quite interesting to make another thread but for headphone amps
. The rule is simple: only list amps that you own or have extensive time of listening by order from best to worse in your oppinion.
Here is my list:
1) Upgraded O2
2) 2 channel PPaV2 with opa1641
3) Stock O2/ Project sunrise II (k42-y9 bypass output capacitor, vitamin-Q bypass cathode, 6n23p-ev)
4) Grado Ra1 clone
5) Indeed G2 - 12au7 Gold Lion
6) Millet Starving Student (vitamin-Q bypass cathode, 12au7 GE)
7) Bravo V1 stock 6922EH
8) A47 Opa2227
9) Cmoy Opa2227
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My list (some of it from memory)
• Lovely Cube
• Audio-GD NFB12
• Aune T1
• Meir-Audio 2StepDance
• Leckerton UHA-6s-mk-II
• iBasso PB1
• Audiotrak DR.DAC2 DX
• ODAC/Objective2 combo.
• JDS-Labs C5
• cMoy v2.03
• Bravo v2 tube amp. w/12AU7 tube
• C&C BH
• Fiio E11
• Fiio E10
• Fiio E17
• Fiio E07K
• Fiio E7
• Fiio E5
• Fiio E6
• Fiio E3
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wow, dont had\have that much amps :p (but hey, started this hobby almost a year ago)

1)RW Audio AMP1 (with LME49720HA upgrade) - sounds very good with HD600\650, quite nice with my Q701 but wont sound good with easy to drive headphones...
2)Ibasso PB1 - didnt like much this amp, but its still nice very nice amp.
3)Fiio E11 - good entry amp ,sounded really nice with my grado 80.
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Bottlehead S.E.X. w/C4S
Bottlehead Quickie w/pjccs
Objective2 DIY
RA-1 Clone
Little-Bear P-1
Little-Bear B-1
Little-Dot II+
DIY CMOY in a tin
JLH Clone
Lehmann Clone
Beyerdynamic E3 Clone
*Note everything has been modded to some degree
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Apex Teton
ECP Audio L-2
Eddie Current Super 7
Blue Circle Hat Peed Thingee

(The Apex Teton is the best I have ever owned and on another level from the L-2 and the S7, which are both excellent amps.)

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