1. guyskr

    tube amp for headphones and speakers for under 200$

    Hey everybody, Just a few days ago I ordered for myself the UE 6000 headphones and they are on there way to me. Now I'm looking for a tube amp which will be connected to my headphones, and sometimes my speakers. Is there a beast like that? I'll connect it to my computer and my record player...
  2. headoncollision

    bravo audio v1 valve or little dot for denon ah-d5000

    hey guys it has been a while since I posted, so my setup is as following, a micro-atx gaming pc with creative titanium HD I use to power my denon ah-d5000 with a schiit asgard but somehow it stopped working and since I am not in usa I cannot replace it. so my question is as following, yesterday...
  3. proid

    Rank the Headphone Amps that you own

    "Rank the Headphones that You Own." thread was created for a long time and greatly contributed by everyone so i think it's quite interesting to make another thread but for headphone amps . The rule is simple: only list amps that you own or have extensive time of listening by order from best to...
  4. kalinov

    Bravo Audio V1 Review - The Little Headphone Amp That Could

    Part I: Bravo Audio V1    When I was 14 I remember listening to the Lion King soundtrack CD on a Magnavox Hi Fi system.  I still remember how emotional the music was.  A month ago I remembered that experience and I got my CD out.  I don’t have the Hi Fi system anymore so I plucked it in my...
  5. chetanappu007

    Need help improving the sound quality of Bayerdynamic dt770 pro

    Hi guys,   I use Bayerdynamic dt770 pro 80ohm headphones with a Fiio E11 amp. I really enjoy listening to them at normal volume level but,when i increase the volume a bit high i feel that the sound coming from these headphones are somehow not very clear and the bass is not very accurate or...
  6. R3tribution

    Need help picking what headphones to buy.

    Hi, first I want to start out by saying thanks for taking a look at my thread. I have a dilemma that I need help with. I have had a pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD700s for about half a year now, and I am extremely happy with them, but recently I acquired a job. I want to listen to music at...
  7. uOpt

    Low-ohm DT 770 - problem with small amps?

    I have a DT-770 set at 2x 80 Ohm that I am overall very satisfied with - sound-wise.   However, with my amps it has a tendency to go into distortions (clipping) at what is not loud enough for me.  Recently the release of Within Temptation's Unforgiving album has driven this to a point where...
  8. Xaborus

    $25 Tube Amp From China..

    Has anyone reviewed these? They actually look decently built from the pictures. Could be a fun little toy xD
  9. Bravo Audio Tube Amplifier - V1

    Bravo Audio Tube Amplifier - V1

    Powerful, synamic and sweet TUBE sound With Electro Harmonix 6922 TUBE Cute and Beautiful looking Pure Class A Tube amp, No op amp IC Low voltage, good safety Powerful for any Headphone Technical Specification: In Put Power DC24V Input Sensitivity 100mV Input Impedance...