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Raidho XT-1 - New version of the award winning X-1

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jwbrent, Jan 20, 2016.
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  1. jwbrent
    I just ordered a pair of these new Raidhos and I'm so excited to receive them. The woofer has been upgraded over the original X-1s which have garnered all sorts of praise from the audiophile press.
    I heard my first pair of Raidhos about three years ago at a retail store in San Francisco. They were the C-1.1s, and as soon as the music started, I knew I was hearing something special. The midrange and trebles were so sweet and detailed and the soundstage was immense. Recently, a friend of mine bought a pair of D-1s and I got to hear them on my system, and I knew from that point I had to get a pair with that fabulous ribbon tweeter.
    For those who may be interested, the XT-1s retail for $7,600 in Piano Gloss Black and its matching stands sell for around $800 depending on finish.
  2. jwbrent
    Here's a picture of the X-1—the XT-1 looks identical except the woofer has a pewter color due to a titanium layer that is molecularly deposited onto the ceramic woofer:
  3. jwbrent
    Just heard from my dealer my XT-1s will be delivered early next week, so I'll post some pictures of them once I get them set up.
    Have you got these yet man? I'm assemblin my stereo setup myself as we speak. Really looking forward to impressions.
  5. jwbrent

    I will get them next week and will be sure to leave impressions and pictures ...
  6. jwbrent
    I'm picking up my speakers today, so I'll post some impressions after a few days of playing ... pictures too.
  7. jwbrent
    The tweeter on this speaker is absolute magic. The best high frequencies I've ever heard, and I've owned multiple $20,000 plus loudspeakers.
  8. jwbrent
    Raidho recommends 250 hours of play before its speakers sound their best, so I've got another week or so before I report any solid impressions.
    Titanium.jpg RaidhoXT1.jpg
    wow man that is beautiful! I just got myself a set of Martin Logans 60XT's which ill have setup next week! 
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  10. jwbrent
    I'm going to hold off for now on reviewing the XT-1s ... I'm speaking with my dealer about the new XT-2s. If I do go forward with the change, I'll do a comparison between the two, and if not, I'll then do a review of the XT-1s.
  11. jwbrent
    I guess I should add I'm considering the XT-2s not because I'm disappointed with the XT-1s, far from it. The sound is so magical now that I have the proper burn-in time, my dopamine soaked brain is imagining how much better the XT-2s might be.
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  12. jwbrent
    I decided to keep my XT-1s since the cost of the XT-2s was prohibitive ($18,000).
    Let me just say again, the Raidho tweeter is exemplary, the best I've heard. There is a delicacy in the mids and trebles that draws one in emotionally. Never strident, even with questionable recordings, the tonal quality leans just slightly to the darker side of neutral. The soundstage is immense, both in the lateral and vertical planes—the speakers just spookily disappear into the soundstage.
    The bass is respectable given the 4" woofer. Although rated at 80Hz as the bottom limit of extension, it sounds like it goes down another 15Hz. This makes the presentation of EDM quite enjoyable. Since the XT-1 is front ported, placement can be near walls without compromising the soundstage too much. After some experimentation, I have mine situated 20" from the rear wall. I can't comment on the differences between the ceramic woofer of the X-1s and the ceramic/titanium woofer of the XT-1s, but the purported difference is bass impact due to better controlled driver resonance.
    Having owned multiple $20,000+ loudspeakers over the years, fit and finish is an important quality to me. I've never seen a better cabinet finish than the forest green Wilson Watt/Puppy 7s I owned. The XT-1s are available in gloss black and white, my pair being the former. On a scale where the Wilsons are a 10, I'd give the Raidhos a 9. There is no orange peel effect on the finish, just a deep, black reflection. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the matching wood stands. Their gloss finish appears to be a notable step down, and the base for the stands have fine, swirling scratches on its surface. Additionally, there are no spikes, instead, inexpensive plastic discs that act as feet; I chose not to use them. The threading for the feet on the underside of the base is non-standard since it has a tiny circumference, so finding spikes that will fit will be a challenge.
    I suppose the design follows the Raidho philosophy of using non-rigid stands for its speakers. At some point, I might try a different option since I've always adhered to the idea of using mass loaded stands.
    A few last points ... the speaker terminals are flush with the backside of the cabinet, so banana plugs are a must. As is typical of new speakers, the hex nuts that attach the aluminum woofer and tweeter plates were loose when I unboxed the speakers. Careful tightening will improve the sound, and after a couple of weeks when the speakers settle into its environment, a re-tightening will be needed. Finally, as to be expected for this price point, the speakers are built as matched pairs with the serial numbers reflecting this.
    All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase. Music listening is a captivating, emotional experience with the Raidhos in my home.
  13. BoaBeowulf
    Hi Jwbrent
    I own the Raidho x-1's.
    They are incredible speakers with a fantastic soundstage, and such a pure clean sound.
    Remove your chair, and move your speakers further apart. At least 3 meters between them, and the soundstage gets even bigger and the speakers totally disappear, and you get a wall of sound. And a bit further out from the backwall if you can :)
  14. jwbrent
    Thank you for your comment. I'm aware Raidho recommends very wide placement of its speakers, but my apartment is space constrained. Seven feet is as wide as I can go. As a result, I use the aforementioned chair in a near field setup.
  15. Yoga
    Nice purchase :¬)
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