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RAI Penta -- Meze Audio's Flagship IEM with Penta Hybrid Driver Technology

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  1. MezeTeam
    Dear audio enthusiasts and audiophiles, we present you RAI Penta!

    RAI penta.jpg
    RAI Penta is a premium 5-way IEM with 2 x dual BA and 1 x Dynamic drivers.

    Jude Mansilla:
    Meze Audio we'll be showing a prototype of a new premium universal fit IEM called the RAI Penta, ‘RAI’ meaning ‘heaven’ in Romanian and ‘Penta’ referring to its five drivers per se. In each fully CNC sculpted chassis, there are two dual balanced armatures and one electrodynamic driver. I haven't heard it yet but Meze is aiming for what they're calling a reference class balanced sound signature with natural tonality. (…)RAI Penta has some interesting details inside and a gorgeous design.
    Make sure not to miss the Empyrean, the RAI Penta and the rest of the product line at Meze Audio’s exhibiting it at CanJam Singapore 2018.
    Meze Audio Design. Comfort. Sound. True audio. Stay updated on Meze Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/mezeaudio https://twitter.com/mezeaudio https://www.instagram.com/mezeaudio/ https://www.mezeaudio.com/ marketing@mezeaudio.com
  2. musicday
    Vreau să vă felicit echipa Meze, superb design și cred că o să fie un mare succes.
    I would like to congratulate Meze team, wonderful design and i believe it will be a great success.
    MezeTeam likes this.
  3. jinxy245
    Looks promising... way to go Meze
    AlbertoSoares likes this.
  4. Ahmad313
    very beautiful , looks really something special ,
    any idea about the price tag ,???
  5. AnonymousRacoon
    Ahmad313 likes this.
  6. mochill
    Want to review the golden diaphragm
  7. alffla
    How different is this to what I heard at the Hong Kong High End Audio Expo last year? I remember there were 2 versions then, and Antonio mentioned they were single dynamic driver designs? I'm super excited for this since I was struck by the warmth and power of the darker coloured shell prototype last year.
  8. Dobrescu George
  9. PaganDL
    Potentially interesting...

    Look forward to this Meze.
  10. superuser1
    Wasn't this supposed to be announced today?
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  11. singingbee
    any impression from canjam singapore
  12. liquidrats
    Very balanced, slightly neutral, nice build quality and design (the brass/gold version is nice). fitting is decent, but not isolating.
    singingbee likes this.
  13. singingbee
    cool! can't wait to try these at socal canjam. any idea of the price?
  14. liquidrats
    I'm not sure on this, I'm sorry.
  15. singingbee
    no worries! that means more time to save money.. lol
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