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Questyle CMA600i first impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jodet, Apr 22, 2016.
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  1. Jodet
  2. BlurRhino
    Pre-order during Canjam sg in February with the local dealer with full payment made and with promise that it will shipped in 4 weeks, but till date still have not received.. wondering whether have Questyle start shipping this model as their website have not update yet. 
  3. Jodet
    You made full payment on an item that hasn't shipped in two months? 
    Time to have a serious talk with your dealer.  
    I'd call Questyle and ask what the story is. 
  4. BlurRhino
    Not my first purchase from the dealer so I give them some slack this time.. surprised it took so long so wondering whether it's an issue with Questyle production. Maybe they are too busy making QP1R [​IMG]
  5. BearMonster
    I think the Questyle CMA 600i is out, but Questyle website actually says nothing about it. So far there are two places in the uk that actually sell them but i have not actually seen then being sold elsewhere. You can actually add them to your basket & not pre-order them.
    I'm actually interested in this as i'm looking around for a dac but that won't be any time soon, so i'm just wondering how well they've implemented the dac.
  6. Jodet
    Got an email this morning from Chad Stelly at Acoustic Sounds - they have these in.   He gave one a brief 'out of the box' listen last night and liked it a lot.  
  7. Greggo
    Looking forward to some feedback and/or reviews on this new unit. I am still all over the place looking to find a path to "end game". I don't buy into the super high priced stuff as being the only decent destination, but pulling out of my mid-fi rut has been difficult...
    Would love to hear how this amp delivers bass, slam and body... as that seems missing from the general Questyle house sound from what I have read but I am not 100% sure. I am looking for something that delivers all the goods for HD800S, Ether, Nighthawk, T1 gen 2,  T5p gen 2, LCD-X, EL-8 and other super comfortable high performance headphones... those listed seem to be best aligned with my preferences but finding a great DAC and amp or combo unit that does some or all of them real justice at 2k or less is giving me fits. I am tempted to just go with the Nighthawk and a really good DAP until the high end headphones get better and less finicky.
  8. BlurRhino
    I had the CMA600i with me now but there are two drivers provided for window users, WASAPI and ASIO. Not too sure which one should I be using if I am using jriver as the player? Any CMA600i or 800i users can shared here?
  9. bixby
    Use Wasapi, ASIO is mainly for use on the recording side since it is very low latency.  I compared both with Foobar on several dacs and prefer Wasapi event mode.
  10. jmsaxon69

    If you use any DSD it needs to be ASIO if i'm not mistaken
  11. jmsaxon69
    This unit will be making an appearance at   Canlanta 2016 in Atlanta this Saturday if anyone is interested! Questyle will be there with one and i will have one as well.
  12. bixby

    Well there you go!  I know nothing about dsd.
    Or should I say, I don't do dsd.
  13. Rayzilla
    Anyone with an update to this combo? Any idea if this would have any chance at driving the HE6?
    I remember the CMA 800i driving the HD800 very nicely. I wonder how this drives the HD800 and the HD800S?
  14. jmsaxon69

    I used my demo 600i to drive LCD-4 (4-pin balanced)pretty well, HD800 and 800S are no problem at all.
  15. Rayzilla
    Thanks jx. I got a brief listen with this yesterday. Tested it with the HD800, HD800S and the HE6.

    Very very impressive with the HD800. I don't think I've heard the HD800 sound so authoritative (?) before. I tried it with SE and balanced. There was a very noticeable power difference when in balanced mode. I will have to test again and listen for any difference other than power.

    This was my first time listening to the HD800S. It just arrived and fresh out of the box so I will not comment on this other than I preferred the classic given the circumstances. I will go back and give it another try when it is burned in.

    I only did a quick test with the HE6. It drove it similarly to my HDVD800. I haven't tried my HE6 with a speaker amp yet so I haven't heard the HE6 at its best. And I haven't applied any mods to it yet but I plan to after I listen to it unmodded for a while first.

    This is definitely on my radar though. I will do an AB with the 800i next time.
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