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Question regarding IEM Types

  1. Birghtest
    I'm looking into buying earphones (in ear) to use with my smartphone. I've noticed there are different materials for the driver housings - some are plastic, some are metal etc.
    Is there a noticeable sound difference?
    which type would suit me the best, if what I want is:
    -No heavy bass, and especially not muddy.
    -Clarity, especially vocals
    Should I consider BA and not Dynamic drivers?
    Also, on the same note, are dual driver IEMs better for clarity? Are they too heavy on bass?
  2. tinyman392
    Everything really does impact the sound of an IEM.  From the itps, to the housing, to the drivers.  What's your price range? 
  3. Birghtest
    I don't plan on spending more than 100$ , just wanted to be more specific about what earphones I should be looking for. 
    Should I consider BA and not Dynamic drivers?
  4. tinyman392
    I would personally send you towards the HiFiMan RE-400 or even something like the T-Peos H-100 II.  Both are exceptional IEMs for their price.  The RE-400 uses a single, dynamic driver while the H-100 II uses a dual-driver configuration, a dynamic for the lows and a balanced armature for the mids and highs.  Another IEM that fits your requirements is the Apple In-Ear Monitors, it uses a dual-balanced-armature configuration (one for lows, one for mids and highs). If you can find it, the Phonak PFE022 with grey filters should also suit your needs as well.  It uses a single-balanced armature driver.  The final recommendation is an Etymotic HF2/3/5 (if you can find it for 100, that's how much I got mine for), it too uses a single balanced armature. 
    All of these headphones tend to be towards the warmer side of things in terms of bass, but otherwise are nearly neutral (or are neutral, Phonak and Etymotic are both neutral IEMs) with the exception of the H-100 II which is slightly bassy (but not muddy).  They all feature clear vocals. 
    Last bit of information here...  I've shown you a lot of IEMs here with different configurations and housing materials all in different shapes and sizes...  None of that will truly determine how an IEM will sound.  It's all in the way its tuned. 
  5. lin0003
    It doesn't really matter about the type or how many drivers that much. I would recommend the RE-400, Alfa Genus, AX35 and maybe the H100. It would be better to go and read some reviews on these to get an idea of what the sound like. 
  6. Birghtest
    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them.
    Wanted to know - in a dual driver IEMs which has a BA and a dynamic driver, what are the advantages of having the dynamic driver( for my preferences)?
  7. tinyman392
    It's generally easier to produce bass with a dynamic.  That's not to say a BA can't produce bass, they certainly can. 

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