Question on the word meh
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May 24, 2006
From time to time, I notice people use the word "meh" on forums and I am facisinated with English linguistics as a subject. In all honesty, I have never heard this word by anyone before but only seen this word in print on internet forums.

Here's my question:

Is the word meh primarily an internet expression? Are there people who use this word in real life conversation? If so, in what country did you here this word? I'm not trying to be sarcastic. I'm just facsinated with English vocabulary words.
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Mostly internet. I've heard it used in the U.S. occasionally. It's more of a sound effect than a word. Probably derived from the sound "Eh".
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Originally Posted by noris83 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I've heard it a fair amount throughout Canada/US so it's definitely not restricted to online compared to lol etc.

I've heard lol. Both pronounced like a word and spelled out. Also rofl
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I've heard it plenty come out of my friends mouths in the states. Sometimes used on how you feel about something or how your feeling.
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Hmm... Interesting. If I heard a person say meh and lol or rotfl or lmao especially in abreviation form, that would sound so 21st century!
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Originally Posted by Industrial /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I first heard the word used on a episode of "The Simpsons" years ago.

Some day, far in the future, linguists will have arguments over whether The Simpsons originated the expression "Meh". Also "Buh?" and "Guh."

fwiw it is an expression of disinterest or apathy or an exclamation that the subject at hand is so lacking in value that it doesn't deserve more than three letters.
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Let me clear the air on the word meh

Meh originated from an episode from the Simpsons where Homer had a helper monkey and fed it so much junk food that it got totally lazy. soon Whenever homer asked the monkey to do a job it would just wave its hand and say "Meh" skip to 3:06 on the video below

YouTube - Mojo the Monkey

Meh has basically become a word that means, im not impressed, or im too lazy to do that or i dont care...

i cant believe i just did all this to explain teh word MEH! its totally contradictory to all the word stands for!
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Apparently, It also means:

"I'm ok."
"I'm not hungry."
"I'm not in a good mood."
"I didn't fully understand your question."
"I'll stay home."
"You look ugly."
"I'm lazy."

among other things.
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I've used 'meh' for years; the most common use of the word personally is when someone asks how I am and I'm neither good or bad I'll respond with meh rather than the overly-used ubiquitous 'okay' or 'good' everyone and their dog responds with these days. It's also in the dictionary and means indifference, just another apathetic response.

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